Monday, July 20, 2009

Beachy bummer.

Well we're back...and nope, vacation actually didn't last this long. Well, technically, I'm on vacation all summer, but the husband's vaca officially ended last week. We went to Savannah for the fourth and had a great time. The houses were beautiful and the food was delicious. The fireworks were a little lacking, but still wonderful. We headed over to Tybee Island on Sunday night and took the pups to the dog bark, where they met all sorts of fun, barking, peeing, pooping, friends. Our stay left us much to be desired though. It rained, and when I say rained, I mean torrential downpours, the WHOLE time. So, what did we do? Well, if possible, we sat in the clouds on the beach. If the monsoons stopped us from doing that, we headed to the local friendly Walmart and picked us up some playing cards and dominoes. Yep, for three rainy nights and days, we played War and Dominoes on the back deck of the house we stayed in. The dogs started getting a little stir crazy and so did we. As soon as we checked the weather and were determined weather in Tennessee would be 100% better, we packed up and headed home early. We hung out at home, went to the pool, and just enjoyed our little "stay-cation". So, we're back in can't win them all.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

How could we not?

How could we say no to these faces? They are begging for a car ride with the wind in their hair and long plays in the dog parks. They NEED to come with us. Don't you just love how Boone blends in with the floor? This camera makes them both look orange, but he really is more of a redhead. This trip should be fun...or interesting.

Let Freedom Ring.

Tybee Island beach house...

So, here it is. We're off to Savannah, Georgia. The husband and I have never been and we've always heard how fantastic it is, so we're off! We're staying in Savannah for the first two nights, and watching the fireworks at River Street from the front porch of the house we're staying in. I can't wait to eat myself silly, see the beautiful homes, and of course, shop. I'm hoping I can stuff myself full of Paula Deen's southern fried food and walk it all off...we'll see. After the weekend's over, we're traveling all 20 miles over to Tybee Island and staying there in a beach house for th rest of the week. After much hemming and hawing ( is that how you say it?), we're going to take the children. Yep, the puppies are coming with us. Poor old Rivers the fat cat is staying home. Don't worry though, the lucky brother-in-law to be gets to take care of him. We just finally decided we'd rather take the pups than put the burden off on other people. They can be a handful sometimes. Plus, Tybee has 2, count them 2 dog parks for the hairy kiddos. They can run until they're pooped out. AND, our house is on a tidal creek with dock, so they don't know it yet, but they're going to learn how to swim. So, wish us luck, all you 0 readers, and don't miss me too much. I'll be back in action next week. I know you'll be counting the hours until I come home.