Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eli Matthew Turns Three

This stinker turned three whole years old at the end of March. I'm a tad late, but better than never, I suppose. We actually moved that weekend, so I'm just glad I remembered to take pictures!

Eli has definitely become a daddy's boy. He wants to do anything and everything like his daddy, and if Matthew is home, I am easily dismissed! I knew it would happen at some point! Eli loves to pretend to shave, catch and cook fish, shoot with sticks in the backyard at pretend animals, play with the dogs, and wrestle. He is rough as a little cob, and we wild as a buck. How's that for some southern slang? :)

He turned three on Easter Sunday this year, and thought it was the best day ever that he got presents, cake, and to go hunt for Easter eggs!

He LOVES opening presents and this year, he got some great new books from Leah and Luke, and baseball bat and ball from Deanie and Papa, a new bubble machine from us, a golf set from Kelci and Anthony and Bennett, and some new trucks and cars from Tizzie and Grandbob. We also plan on getting him a power jeep once we are in our new home!

Just like most little boys, Eli is obsessed with bugs and worms, so when I saw these worm balloons, I had to get them. He had so much fun having sword fights and popping them. :)

He loved blowing out his candles and having us sing to him...he sure eats up attention!

He is also starting to try and sneak food and candy when I'm not watching. I found this chair one morning, and next thing I saw was the picture below...Eli standing on it to snatch him some candy! He always comes and tells me, "I got something special! I snuck treats!" Ha- at least he is honest!

Eli Matthew, you are so special to your daddy and me! You keep us on our toes and we are in awe with how much you learn and pick up on. It humbles us to know you are watching our actions, and we pray to be good examples for you and your brother. We are so glad God picked us for you!!
At three, Eli:
is 28.4 lbs (10%)
and 38 inches (75%)
Still wears size 3 diapers, but we working on potty training with pull-ups
loves to wrestle, pretend hunt and fish, find worms
loves our dogs and cat
loves his daddy for play and his mama when hurt
loves to read books
loves to be told scary stories where Eli the brave slays a dragon or stomps on a spider and saves the day
loves his baby "brudda" and loves to run and see him when he wakes up
hates when Shepherd cries and will cry in the car every time- two children screaming is a lovely sound
loves to sing songs- some favorites are "Itsy Bitsy Spider" "If you're happy and you know it" "Jesus loves me" and "Happy Birthday"
He also makes up songs in the car titled "green means go, go, go and red means stop, stop stop" and "where'd his paci  go?" :)
is doing okay with potty training, but I need to take the plunge and really work on it
Loves bath time and bed time stories with daddy
Loves to watch Finding Nemo
Is a great talker and has started saying "actually..." and "unportunately..." (love his mispronunciations)
He always tells me "Unportunately, I wish I had a treat"
Looks a lot like his daddy with his mama's complexion
Wears 2T shirts and 18 month waists, but needs the 3T length (FYI, they don't make clothing like this, so all his pants are either too short or too big)
Is still very shy around people he doesn't know well
Loves all thing BOY- growling, rough-housing, bugs, birds, animals, cars, planes, etc.
I can't believe he is already THREE, and I only have two more short years before he heads off to school for the rest of his time at home. Waaaah! I'm not sure I can stand it. Where'd my first baby go?!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shepherd Fox- One Month

Shepherd Fox- One Month
These pictures pretty much sum up what Shepherd's first month was like: lots of crying. Poor thing just has had such tummy issues and was pretty miserable in the beginning. He would cry for hours every day, and the only thing that would calm him down would be rocking on the porch, or sitting under the exhaust fan in the bathroom with the shower running.

He hated to be swaddled and hated to be worn, so I pretty much stood and bounced or soothed him with nursing every 30 minutes.

He started getting a really bad rash all over his face, ears, and torso, and I started googling like mad. :) I decided it sounded like dairy might be the issue, so I cut most of it out. No cheese, no milk, no butter, no eggs, no soy. Waaaah. My diet is kind of limited these days, but we have noticed a huge difference. Shepherd is a lot less fussy and gassy and we maybe have just one porch rocking session a day now. :)

Shepherd was also diagnosed with silent reflux after I noticed him re-swallowing a lot after meals and then crying out in pain. I think eating helped soothe his reflux pain, so he would eat just about every 45 minutes to an hour those first couple weeks- I did nothing but sit and nurse!

These Easter pictures make me laugh because Shepherd is still crying, and Matthew and I look dog tired. It gives a pretty accurate picture though!

Our first month was a big ball of stress, thanks to a lot of factors. We had a baby, I had a really painful recovery, we sold our house, packed up and moved with a three week old, we moved in with our parents, Matthew started a new job, and then Shepherd was a big fuss. I am glad that month is behind us- month two is much better already!!
A Snapshot of Month One:
8. 14 at birth 20 1/2 inches
dropped to 7.15 in hospital
7.15 and 21 inches March 11 (4 days old)
8.2 March 14 (7 days old)
8.5 March 16 (9 days old)
-extremely fussy and gassy
-diagnosed with silent reflux
-clogged tear ducts
- dairy allergy rash
- very alert
-up every one to two hours at night
-ate every 45 minutes 
-doesn't like to be swaddled
-doesn't like a pacifier
-doesn't like to be rocked
-likes to be stood and bounced, just like Eli did
-won't take a bottle
-was syringe fed the first week to get his weight back up and until milk came in
-loves bath time! doesn't like to be cold after
-looks just like Matthew's baby pictures, save for Matthew's big round saucer eyes and his mouth isn't as big- Eli stole that feature. :)
Reading back on that, no wonder we had such a hard first month! Ha! My babies are such particular little things, and like things to be just so. They kind of take after their mama that way! Month two has been much better, and I will blog about that soon!