Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Easter 2013

Not only is Easter my favorite holiday, but this year, I had two more reasons to celebrate! It was my big three year old's birthday, and my tiny three week old's first time at church! Matthew and I look just about right for two parents with a newborn--bleary eyed and sleepy! It was a miracle in itself we made it to church for the 9 a.m. service!

That cute fuss and I spent most of our time in the nursing room, and Matthew spent most of his time helping a toddler try to go potty at church, but we were there nonetheless. :)
My dad joined us for church and lunch, and we ate a nice lunch at my MIL's house, and then Shepherd, Eli, and I took a big afternoon nap. The day before we all had gone to the Gentry's Farm to hunt eggs, and Eli and I spent one morning dyeing eggs while brother napped. The times are rare that I can give Eli all my attention lately, so I soaked it up!


That cutie pie was so proud of his creations, and told me every color he was using. He wanted to do them all all by himself, and I let him just go at it. He is getting so big and independent, and it's fun (usually) to watch him do things all by himself.
I would have liked to do more this Easter, but we had just moved back to Franklin that weekend, and I knew with Eli's birthday being that day and still healing from my surgery, I would just have to learn to let a lot of things go this Spring and do the small things we could!

Two Months Old.

Shepherd turned two months on May 7th and obviously, I am a bit behind! He had a much better second month than his first, as the dairy was getting out of my system. His fussing stopped being an all day thing, and his poor rash started healing.


His sleeping patterns were all over the place...some nights he'd give me a three hour stretch and some nights every hour!

I started getting my first real smiles around six weeks and Shepherd starting trying to talk to us, which is such a sweet sound to hear! His pediatrician said he was talking like a four month old- I agreed he was a very gifted two month old. ;)

He started to get some pretty cute rolls, and a cute round belly. It's so funny to me b/c he and Eli's little body shapes could not be more different! As I quit eating dairy, I was so thankful to see this sweet boy's happier personality come out. I think his little belly started feeling a little better and I am so glad I figured out mostly what was bothering him early on.
Shepherd's two month stats:
24.5 inches 95%
14.11 lbs 95%
On a side note: why won't ALL my pictures let me choose the "large" size anymore? Only two of the pictures here would give me the options of re-sizing. Any help?