Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just a little September Somethin'

We've been keeping a little secret for awhile: we are having another baby!!
 Can I just tell you how stinkin' exciting it is to say those words??!!
We are BEYOND blessed to share that a sweet boy or girl will be joining our family in March, right before Eli turns 3!
This ultrasound was at 8 weeks, and I will be 16 weeks this week.
Just like with Eli, I found out around 4 weeks, starting feeling sick at 5, and it's still going strong at 15 weeks. I have felt so much sicker than I was even with Eli, and with Eli, I was really sick. This baby has pretty much put me on the couch or throwing up for the past 3 months, but I am constantly reassured that things are going well with this sweet babe.
We have had many blood tests and early ultrasounds, and everything just looks great so far! My dr. put me on progesterone and baby aspirin since my levels were low with the last pregnancy. I am also STILL taking zofran, B6, and unisom to combat nausea. I tried stopping the medicine yesterday and was back to feeling miserable and throwing everything up, so back to the pills it is! I will say, if you get extremely sick during your pregnancies, B6 and unisom at night have been the BEST help to me in the past few weeks. Zofran doesn't do much, but this combo has made me feel human again!
We are just so very thankful for our healthy news so far, and are so excited about this sweet baby! Every doctor's appt. we have helps us to feel better and better about this pregnancy and allows us to starting planning, dreaming, and hoping about who this little one will be!