Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shepherd- Months Three and Four

 Let's catch up, shall we? Shepherd turned four months old on July 7th, and has such a sweet personality! He loves to talk and coo to us and loves to laugh and giggle when he is tickled. He is loving putting everything in his mouth and drooling all over the place!

He has started blowing bubbles and can roll from back to he only likes to sleep in his belly, which gives me mini panic attacks when I find him smashing his face into his bed!
He is napping in his crib in his new room! but still sleeps beside me in bed at night. I KNOW I need to move him to his bed at night, but since he wakes up so many times and only want to eat back to sleep, it's much easier for me if he's just right beside me! I'll have to work on that soon. :)

He still can't have any dairy, and has a very sensitive tummy to many foods. I am still mourning my iced vanilla lattes and cheese, but know it's worth it for him to feel good. Month three was a big one for me b/c Shepherd finally took a bottle!! Amen! I had a baby shower I was hosting, and left my MIL with whatever I could find. He wouldn't take the Dr. Brown's bottle I have 20 of, but I found one Playtex bottle with a drop in liner I never used with Eli, and left that, along with formula bottles just in case! When I got home, he had drank out of the Playtex one! I was so happy to know if I have to miss a feeding, Shepherd will eat for someone else!

He is taking three naps a day- a morning, afternoon, and a catnap. He is up a lot at night--sometimes twice, sometimes four times...just depending on how he's feeling that night.

He is still keeping his cute rolls, and is getting bigger every day, probably from all the night time eating he's still doing. :)
Month four has definitely been a harder one for me. Although I've figured out his dairy problems, he still will have bad nights over other foods too that I'm not even sure what I ate to upset him--he will just cry and cry and just wants to be walked around the room at night.
He LOVES to be held, and does not like being put down or left alone at all. He might last all of ten minutes on his play mat or in the swing, and then he cries and cries until someone picks him up. I'm afraid he's a tad spoiled since the first three months of his life, we lived with grandparents and he was held anytime he wanted to be! I am getting some serious arm muscles carrying around my 17 pound baby!  
His doctor said he looked perfect, of course, but we might want to try some rice cereal if he's acting like he is still hungry. I didn't have any plans to start any food until six months or so, but I might try a little to see if it helps him sleep a little more! I am ready for a little more sleep around here!