Monday, August 30, 2010

Well, Hello There.

Where have I been you ask? Well, turns out between my new doctor-imposed nursing schedule and my no-napping baby, there isn't much free time left in the day.
Hot Hubby had to go to Vegas of all places for a work trip all last week, so the little man and I packed up the whole house and went to stay with my mom in Franklin.
Although I didn't take one stinkin' picture, we had tons of fun.
Tuesday, we visited sweet baby Audrey with my friend Missy, who's expecting a precious babe in February. Audrey's gorgeous just like her mommy, and I am super super jealous of her sleep schedule. Her husband works from home and has decided to work all night and keep Audrey while momma gets lots of needed sleep. He then sleeps during the day while Jessie takes over. My poor hubby had to hear about that one just a few million times. Plus, they have a gorgeous new home and I want to move in with them.

            Missy with baby Audrey. Clearly she's a natural, which is good, b/c she's got a baby in that belly!
Who does she look like? Neither one. Not yet anyway.

P.S. Who in the world looks this good after birth? Jessie, that's who.

Wednesday, my mom came home early from work so she could get in some Eli time.

Thursday, I had a playdate over at my friend Corinne's with my other friend Katie. They both have precious babies, Olivia and Aiden. We went out to eat that night with Jenna and Christa. It was so very good to get in some girl time, especially with all the girlies I have grown up with. I miss them all the time and can't wait to spend time with them when I'm home. Things are a little different these days, as we all have babies with us now.

Olivia showing Eli how tummy time is done.

This is actually about 3 months ago, but that's Katie. And Aiden. Aren't they beautiful?

Olivia has a little sister Ava coming in February, so she wanted some practice holding babies. Eli wasn't so sure.

Friday, my mom came home early again to spend time with Eli. I picked up Matth from the airport and my brother John and his wife Samantha came to visit from Huntsville. They hadn't seen Eli since he was born, so it was great to see them too.

Saturday, we packed up and headed off to Matth's grandparents for a quick visit, and then headed on home. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but so much fun. And here we are, up to our eyeballs in dirty laundry unpacked suitcases, and to top it off, somehow I got sick. So, I'm trying to avoid getting any sicker and at the same time, trying to avoid getting everyone else sick!

P.S. Every single picture I stole off facebook, so thanks for the pics gals.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beef Him Up.

Just had the 4 month check-up today even though Eli is almost 5 months. For a couple weeks now, I thought our little boy was looking a little thin. I especially thought so after our first trip to the pool the other night. He's already pretty tall for his age, but he doesn't have that good ole' baby chub goin' on. People (ahem...husband) told me he was perfectly fine and to quit worrying. Turns out? Momma knows best. :)
He's weighing about 13.8 right now, which puts him in the 12th percentile for weight, and 26 inches, which is the 75th percentile for his height. Long story short, he's too skinny for his age, and needs to beef up. I had a good long talk with the lactation consultant, and we have a plan to make sure he's getting all the good fat and nutrients he needs, and we're going back in two weeks to check on his weight again. Sometimes I do wonder if I worry too much about all things baby, but I was glad to know that I was right about this one! Well, I wish I was wrong, and he was perfectly skinny, but I'm at least glad to know I can usually count on my momma instincts!
P.S. He loved the pool. He hated being cold afterwards. You win some, you lose some.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goodbye to you.......

Matthew has a little brother. His little brother has a wife. They left us.
(Celebrating Matth and I's college graduation)
We've had many fun times together and because we are close in age, we've experienced some of the same milestones together, like getting engaged, getting married, and moving to the same town--us for careers, them for law school. Of course, Anthony passed with flying colors and got a big city job back in Nashville, and so, like I already said...they left us. Here are just a few pictures of our fun times together.

Getting Engaged 4 months apart...

Tailgating as fiances...
Canoeing and fishing...
Here is Matthew's little sister and husband...luckily, they are here for school too, and they aren't leaving us yet.
Christmas with the husband's family
Throwing Leah a shower...
Celebrating Kelci's wedding...
Celebrating Leah's wedding...(we celebrated my wedding too, but I'm too lazy to go get our wedding cd)
They threw me a baby shower...
Celebrating Eli's birth...

Although this is a pretty random collection of pictures, all of them are also really good memories Matthew and I keep of this sweet couple. We will definitely miss them not being in the same town with us, and we absolutely cannot wait (hurry, please!) for them to have little babies of their own, so all of our kiddos can grow up together.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hope She Doesn't Mind...

I have this friend. She is really the best friend of my sister-in-law, but I count her as mine too. This friend is super cute, funny, and probably the most creative person I know. She sews. She bakes. She makes things. She's about to decorate her new place. Go check her'll want to do something creative too!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stop the Clock.

How is it possible this little smiley stinker is four months old??!! Didn't I just do a 3 month old post why yes I did...2 weeks late. ?

Annoyingly, I don't have any stats on weight or height to show because my doctor's office schedule his 4 mo. appt. for two weeks from now. I hate that it won't be exactly accurate. Anywhoo, notice the drool on my little guy's sticker above? He drools ALL THE TIME. He soaks through bibs like nobody's business (except his mama's since she has to wash them all).

He's usually a very happy little guy, especially when someone is paying 100% attention to him and him only--he will smile at you all day then. He loves to sit upright now, and has mastered the "propped sit".
He loves to stand up with assistance of course, and if placed on his back will roll over immediately. He only sleeps on his tummy now because of this. I only check on him 200 times tops minimum when he is sleeping like this.
Here is he failing the propped sit. I'm comin' to get your camera momma.
Crashing into me and the camera.
I can't have that thing? Fine, I'll just chew on your hand. Nom, nom, nom.
He will chew on anything and everything now.
I can't even have your hand? Geez woman, I'll just play with my toes then.
Yep, he loves his little nibbly toes. Who wouldn't? I nibble on them all day. Which reminds me: the other day a teacher friend and I were talking about how we just love to "bite" and nibble on our babies' feet and chunky thighs. My other non-momma friend said, "Y'all should prob. get that checked out...that doesn't sound normal." I KNOW we aren't the only two who want to eat their children right up. How can you resist those cheeks, and thighs, and fingers and toes??

Oh yeah, see his little cloth diapered bum? Those are G Diapers. They are okay, but definitely not my fave. The ole' Bum Genius's are the ones for us. Which is kind of disappointing, b/c these G's were free, and I will have to shell out some major moolah to start my Bum Genius collection.

That's all for my 4 mo. update, until I can get some real stats from the doctor. Again, 4 whole months? Does it really happen this fast ALL the time? Before I know it, he'll be five and starting kindergarten...say it ain't so!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Every. Darn. Time.

The Notebook came on t.v. this afternoon. Matthew said, "The Notebook again? You're going to cry." I told him I wasn't going to watch the end. Well. I watched the end. I cried.

This movie always makes me cry...always. My grandparents got married when my grandmother was 17 and my grandfather was 22. He went away to war and my grandmother stayed home with her three babies. She would get a letter every couple of months from where he was stationed, and worry for every single day in between. They were very in love and weathered all the marriage storms together.

About ten years or so ago, my grandfather started forgetting simple things, like what ice cream he went to the store to get. Soon, he couldn't remember important people and dates. Eventually, he couldn't remember my grandmother, his wife for the past 50+ years. She had to make the decision to place him in an assisted living/nursing home, and she visited him every day. She made him special desserts that he wasn't allowed to have, like fudge, and sneak it into his room. She brought him blankets, sheets, and pictures from home so he would be more comfortable. She ironed his shirts so he would always look nice. She would sit and chat and hold his hand and tell him she loved him.

A couple years ago, my grandfather passed away. Alztheimer's began his end, and it just eventually took over  his body. Watching this movie makes me think of my sweet grandparents and their love for one another. I hope Matthew and I love like this until we are old and gray, and even if we can't remember each other's names, I hope we stay by each other's side.

Me, my grandmother Jane McCormick, and my niece Jane Ritchie.