Thursday, May 27, 2010

2 Months, Glorifying God, and Baby Bottoms

Where oh where does the time go? When I was pregnant, two months took FOREVER, but two months with a newborn have flown by, Heck, most days fly by, It's usually 4 or 5 before I know it, and I have to look around and try to figure out what I did that day. Mainly, I attempt to do some chores while holding Eli, we go on a walk, he takes a bath, and we have some play time. How do those few things take ALL day? I LOVE being with Eli, but it is definitely a change from teaching high-schoolers all day and interacting with adults. I try to remind myself that I can glorify God no matter if I am educating teenagers or feeding a baby and doing laundry. Some days I have to work on it more than others.

It's getting a lot harder to take pictures now that he is such a squirmer.

What is it about babies yawning that is just so. darn. cute?

He loves to sleep on his tummy, but I only let him during his afternoon nap, and I watch him like a hawk :)

That bottom and those feet--I could nibble on him all day long!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm Back!

Sorry for the delay...we've been busy around here these days. For the past three weekends, we have been traveling or entertaining. 3 weekends ago, Hot Hubby's parents came to visit and brought the grandparents with them. They got to meet their great grandson, which I think makes great grandbaby #100, or maybe 8. Cousin Collin rolled through town and stopped over too. That following week, we went to visit my grandmother Jane who lives in Bristol. She had only seen pictures, so she was very excited to see this great grandbaby for the first time in person! I loved visiting with her and talking about when she had her babies and how different life was. She was amazed at all the contraptions I brought with me for babies. The next weekend we went to Franklin for Mother's Day. We saw all the grandparents again, and spent a little time visiting some friends. My first Mother's Day was wonderful, but the only pictures are on everyone else's cameras, so that will be a post for another time. Finally, this past weekend, Uncle Anthony graduated from law school at UT. Hot Hubby's family came up and we celebrated. Our sweet boy did pretty well through all the festivities, but is always a little exhausted and fussy after these busy weekends end.

Momma bonked my head (twice) and rushed me off to get checked out. Good thing I'm tough, b/c the doctor says I'm fine! Annnnnnnnnnnd, I weighed 11.4 at 6 weeks old!

Who is this "Uncle Ant" who looks a lot like my daddy?
My namesake with a very sleepy giraffe.

Granny, Collin, and a very cute giraffe. See that yawn roar?
4 generations of Bills boys.

Papa and his only favorite grandbaby.
Deanie loves this little boy.

Guess what I learned to do? My momma is so funny.
I'm even smiled in my sleep, still thinking about the funny things she says.
P.S. I've slept from 11:30 - 6 four nights in a row!