Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Hope your holiday is well spent with family and friends--We had a great day yesterday and today will be spent decorating our house for Christmas and watching Christmas movies.

I am BLESSED beyond measure for these three boys in my life--I mean, look how cute they all are!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shepherd Months 5-6

I am so far behind in updating about our family, but I have to try! Here's my sweet boy at five and six months. I feel like we really turned a corner at five months...he didn't just fuss all day long anymore!

He talks all the time and loves to watch everyone around him. He is very serious and makes us work really hard for a real laugh! He LOVES Eli and will laugh at most of Eli's antics.

 He is not a great sleeper, probably up every two-three hours wanting to eat. He LOVES to be held and is usually pretty content as long as someone is holding him while standing.

At six months, he got his first teeth! Two on the bottom, then two of the cutest bunny teeth on top followed- they have a huge space in them, just like Matthew's did when he was little. I love them!

(They kind of look alike here!)

He finally mastered sitting up without his head pulling him down, and he started army crawling around the room. He took his very first airplane ride (Eli's too!) to visit friends in Boston. He did great on most of the flights and so did Eli.

We tried baby food for awhile, but he really just wasn't interested, so I didn't push it. He just wanted milk, so that's what he got! He ate about every four hours, and then multiple times at night. He took three naps a day still and went to bed around 9:00. At his six month visit, this cute boy weighed in at 20 pounds and 28.5 inches tall. He and Eli could not be more different in looks right now and in demeanor. Where Eli didn't want to nurse, that's all Shepherd wants to do. Where Eli has always been giggly, silly, and loud, Shepherd is quiet and serious. They BOTH hated to sleep alone. :) Eli is already talking about how he looks forward to the day when Shepherd can play with him more, and I pray they are the very best of friends. Shepherd Fox, you are SO SWEET- we love you!