Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random BB pics

I know lots of people do "Iphone dumps" for a post. Their pics are a lot clearer than my Blackberry ones. I love these little pics though. Just the ordinary, everyday things around here.
 If I make a list the night before, Eli and I get up and head straight to the grocery store after breakfast. This was a cold, rainy morning, so I didn't even bother getting him out of his p.j.s. Footed jammies, pea coat, juice, all set. If we leave early enough, I can justify a Starbucks for me. Win, win.
 I tested out my hair-cutting skills one day while Matth was away on business. I thought the back looked okay.
 The front was another story. I cut his bangs way too short. We ended up calling him Llpyd from Dumb and Dumber for a month. Matth in a gentle way suggested we call a professional next time.
 Does your floor look like this right after you vaccuum? Good, mine doesn't either. I don't even bother putting the vaccuum away anymore.
 Trying on dada's shoes while he's away. You can kind of see my bad bang job here.
Do I have something on my lip?

Eating a post-nap pocorn snack before playing outside. Love this Gap vest I found at Goodwill for two dollars.

Matth brought Eli into the kitchen to show me his new "trick". My response, "Why in the world would you teach him this?" Like our toddler needs more encouragement to climb dangerous things.

And a little video of this nutbox in action. Matth and I couldn't stop laughing at his antics, and as the video shows, he knew he was making us laugh. Such a ham.