Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Few Things

Blurry pic of me and my baby.

Is it really the end of March and I've posted one thing this month? Goodness. Not much to say, I guess.

I will have a two year old next week. That breaks my heart and makes me proud at the same time.

We are already wearing some flip flops and grilling over here. This weather is glorious.

Our flowers are blooming and every free minute is spent outside, planting, and digging in the dirt.

There's just something about spring time that makes me amazed at God's ability to make everything new again.

My fussy boy is doing much better. I hated to end on that last blog post, and I should really learn that everything will pass in due time. We are getting outside a lot more, and he does MUCH better when he's not bored to death.

We are having lots of big talks in our house these days about some pretty exciting stuff. I'm not ready to share it all yet, but I can't wait to shout it when we're sure. And no, not pregnant.

Being a grown-up has thrown Matth and I for some loops lately. We feel like we're in two different cities all the time. Half invested in our home town, and half-invested here. We wish we could be FULLY involved HERE and THERE. Impossible, but we wish.

Handsome Groom.

I've had some health issues lately. I think pregnancies, c-section, surgery, etc. has really thrown my body for a loop. There are lots of specialty doctor appointments in my future, and I'm praying for answers to get my body back on track.

Matth has some big work issues going on too, and he's on a time crunch to perform or find something else. We are praying fervently that God's hand is in this, and whether Matth succeeds or not, we'll have peace that God knows what he's doing and where we're going. I guess you could say we're praying that for a lot of things these days.

Eli's enrolled in school for next year. I'm not ready to send him to school. Well, some days, I am. :)

Easter's around the corner, and it's my very favorite celebration. Celebrating a risen savior who graces me with mercy when I sin again and again. Here's to less bunnies and more praise!

Is that all for now? I think so. Can't wait to tell you more soon!!

Me and my little blondie.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Help, please!

You guys. I am at a loss of what to do over my soon to be two year old. Let's talk about today. He cried. and cried. and cried.

He literally wants me to sit and hold him and do nothing else. If I leave the room to get something to drink, or go get clothes out of the laundry, or for pete's sake, go to the bathroom, he right away start crying...wailing really, and follows me with arms out, crying "mama". If we are playing on the floor together and I have to get up to go answer my phone, he starts crying as soon as I stand up. I can't even iron in the same room as him b/c he wants me sitting holding him instead. He will stand in front of me holding my legs sobbing, until I pick him up or try to walk around him. What's the deal?

I stay home with him, so we are together all the time. He doesn't need MORE attention from me. It's not that he misses me and needs some one on one mama time. He gets that all day long.

I try to explain to him in short terms..."mama's busy. Mama's doing something right now. Mama can't hold you this second. Please stop crying. No whining. Talk like a big boy please." When all those pleas don't work, I will sit him in time-out to let him regain his composure, but even that usually just makes him cry more!!

Maybe he needs time away from me to learn that I can't be with him and hold him all the time? Why won't he play in his room with all his toys by himself? Even for 10 minutes?

Today, I had to sit him in his room just to get a break, and literally cried out of frustration. It makes me feel bad that I am putting him in time-out for wanting me to hold him, but it's more that he can't learn to be ten feet away from me!!

Advice? We are registering him THIS week for MDO for August. But other than that, what do I do??!!

These are the faces I see all day. Is this just him being almost two? Help!