Thursday, May 27, 2010

2 Months, Glorifying God, and Baby Bottoms

Where oh where does the time go? When I was pregnant, two months took FOREVER, but two months with a newborn have flown by, Heck, most days fly by, It's usually 4 or 5 before I know it, and I have to look around and try to figure out what I did that day. Mainly, I attempt to do some chores while holding Eli, we go on a walk, he takes a bath, and we have some play time. How do those few things take ALL day? I LOVE being with Eli, but it is definitely a change from teaching high-schoolers all day and interacting with adults. I try to remind myself that I can glorify God no matter if I am educating teenagers or feeding a baby and doing laundry. Some days I have to work on it more than others.

It's getting a lot harder to take pictures now that he is such a squirmer.

What is it about babies yawning that is just so. darn. cute?

He loves to sleep on his tummy, but I only let him during his afternoon nap, and I watch him like a hawk :)

That bottom and those feet--I could nibble on him all day long!


  1. Jane - he is so cute!!! Great to see you guys the other day! I let Coop sleep on his stomach too!!! shhhh! Love the onesie! I'll have to get Cooper one of those! Or just make a sign. :)

  2. Cute pics! I know what you mean about 2 months taking forever pregnant! I am afraid these last three months in the middle of summer are going to really drag by!

  3. Okay, that tummy-sleeping picture is just TOO CUTE!! You are most certainly glorifying God doing exactly what you're doing. I so appreciate your honesty and your perspective. Keep the Eli pictures coming!!