Monday, June 6, 2011

First Ocean.

Dear Eli, Last week we showed you one of my favorite places here on earth.
 We pulled you up and over the sand in your new red wagon, and your blue eyes grew big when you first spied the ocean. My eyes still do the same thing, little boy, even now.
 We took turns holding you and capturing this memory, even though you won't remember, you'll have these pictures to show you you were there.
We dipped your toes in the water, and you were a bit unsure of this big blue cold ocean. We went back to our friends and gave you some time to adjust.

 Soon after, your daddy tried again. He swooped you up and carried you out to those crashing waves again. As long as he held you, you were fine.
 Eventually, he sat down with you and you didn't cry this time. He built a mountain of sand to block you from the waves, and the two of you sat and played, and laughed, and dug and built.
When I took this picture, you were squealing in joy at the water and waves, and your daddy told me to let you to play.

You two eventually joined the rest of us on the beach and you sat on my lap and were asleep within minutes. I carefully moved you to your bed in your new red wagon and for an hour, you slept to the sound of waves crashing on the beach. My heart was so full.

Some of my very favorite mama moments come in watching my baby experience something new for the first time. I get such joy in showing him a place where I see God's handiwork all around.


  1. These pictures are PRICELESS!! Such sweet moments shared with your little man.