Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Well, Hello!

It's been so long, hasn't it?!! We finally bought a new computer this past weekend, and I am excited to be back in the social world; although, I must say, I've been much more productive around the house lately.:)

I'm not even sure where to start...back in September, I guess?

We are doing much better since our break-in. I came home that day to find our fence gate wide open. I thought that was kind of strange, but thought maybe Matthew had come home from work and maybe left it open. I had only been gone about an hour though, so my senses were on stand-by as I went in the house.

As soon as I got in, I went and sat Eli in his highchair for lunch. I walked into the living room and our flat screen tv was sitting on the floor, like someone had carefully placed it there. Matthew and I had just talked about changing our cable company the night before, so my mind started racing with reasons that the t.v. was down. Maybe Matthew had called the cable man today?

Then I noticed my laptop was missing from the coffee table, and two pieces of my jewelry were randomly laying on the floor. Then I remembered I thought I had heard something close shut as soon as we had entered the house and my heart started pounding. I ran into the kitchen, grabbed Eli and ran out the front door. I called Matthew right away, and asked if he had been home, and told him what I saw. I called the police and ran next door to our neighbors to get Eli out of the rain.

The police showed up, along with Matthew, about five minutes later. They said it looked like they had rang our doorbell, and when no one answered, they went through our back gate, and opened our bathroom window. When that was too small for them to go through, they opened our bedroom window and climbed in. We made it easy for them with two open windows. There was dirt and fingerprints all over our windows, and they rifled through our closet and took my jewelry box. They think they were getting the t.v. down when I pulled up. I shut three car doors before I ever started towards the house, and they had opened our shutters in our guest room and saw me and Eli. They left the t.v., grabbed the jewelery box and laptop, and ran out our back sunroom as I was walking in the front!!

There were pieces of my jewelry littered down our driveway that hadn't been there when I walked up. I am SO VERY thankful that we were protected that day. It turns out it was two young males looking for money for their prescription pill addiction. We never got the laptop back, but we did recover some of the jewelry they tried to sell at a store. I still hate I lost all of those precious baby videos, but am so glad that is all that was lost or harmed.

Also, I had to appear at the court date as a victim for the two guys. When they brought in the jailed inmates, I started looking for our robbers. Instead, I saw two of my previous students. One of them I knew was bound to end up in trouble one day, but it certainly was disheartening to see him in stripes and hand cuffs. He caught my eye, and looked so surprised to see me, and gave me the biggest smile and wave. I smiled back and shook my head at him, but really wanted to go over and give him a big hug and tell him to straighten up. I still have a note he wrote me telling my I was "da best teacher eva". :) After sitting in court for 3 hours, they had to postpone it, and I still don't know what punishment our robbers got.

Enough about that...how about some pics??
Way back in September, Eli and I had a jammie play morning in the back yard. He loved filling up my water pail and dropping rocks in it.

This picture below makes me laugh every time I see it. That hair!! He has inherited my hair's ability to frizz in humidity. He had a hair cut right after I took these. Poor child.

Glad to be back!!

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  1. I'm glad everyone is okay and you are back online. On another note- I love the Coco Bonbons jacket. My crew has the matching jon jons/shorts/dress in that print.