Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas wish.

Hi friends.

I have a prayer request for you- hope you don't mind. I know God hears those who earnestly seek his help and care, and I can't help but selfishly ask for some more prayers on your behalf.

In October, my Dad called to tell me he would be driving through town on the way to see my grandmother. He was going to "stop by" and say hello for a few minutes. I told him Eli and I happened to be free, and we'd love to join him.

I am so glad I went. It's a rare occasion that I get to spend time with my dad alone these days, and for a few days, it was just me, my dad, my 87 year old grandmother, and my baby boy. When I first saw my dad, he looked skinnier than he had in years. He also looked really tired and worried.

As soon as we got to my grandmother's and were sitting down to visit, he told us some stressful news about his work. I knew that wasn't the main topic he wanted to tell us though. After we discussed that issue, he then informed us that he was diagnosed with high-risk stage four cancer in May. He didn't want us to worry, and wasn't even going to tell us if he could have gone through treatment and chemo in Nashville. Instead, he is now in Florida undergoing a clinical trial treatment. He has been there since November 1 and will remain until January.

He is doing well so far, and has had minimal side effects so far. He's rented a beach front condo and is busying himself by reading lots of books and fixing up the condo for his renter. He's replaced blinds and fixed kitchen backsplashes, etc. She's happily knocking his labor off his monthly rent. He's hoping it'll be free by the time he leaves. :)

Would you mind praying for the effectiveness of his treatment, for his health, for his loneliness, and that he uses this time to really grow closer to God and learn to really rely on Jesus during this time? I hate that he'll be all alone for Christmas and I hate that the only thing on his wish list this year is to be free from cancer. Pray with me, friends?

Thank you.

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  1. Oh, Jane, I'm so sorry! I will definitely be praying for your dad - for complete healing and reliance on Jesus to get through this battle with cancer. I can tell you are such a wonderful daughter, encouraging your dad and pointing him toward God all along the way. I know this must be so hard for you. Please keep us updated and we'll be praying for him!