Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Passover.

We started our Easter weekend out nice and boring with some hula hooping. Doesn't everyone do this?! Here's Dutch giving it a go:

I have to give the win to Leah. She's excels at both dancing and hula hooping in this family.

This picture makes me laugh. Meet, my husband, who could only hoop if he fist-pumped the air or stuck them out in front of him, bent, resembling a dinosaur.

Deanie tried her best, but couldn't quite keep it up. She got an A for effort.

I couldn't do it either. No hips to keep it up? Beats me. I tried many many times.
Cutest hula hooper award goes to this blondie.

Once Eli tried out his new golf set, the boys had to show off their skills too.

Eli would much rather push the wagon himself these days than ride inside of it.

Saturday morning, we had our annual egg hunt at my best friend Corinne's house.

Christa's precious girl, Adriana.

Eli and Aiden are forced to be best friends for life, simply b/c I grew up being best friends with his mama.

We took this same picture last year, and it's fun to see our babies growing up. All the mamas have known each other forever, starting in elementary school.
Ashley, Luke, Avery Jane, Cash, Noah missing, Me, Eli, Corinne, Ava, Olivia missing, Katie, Aiden, Christa, Adriana

Anthony and Kelci skyped to "watch Eli open his gift". See all of us squeezed into the corner picture? They had a little good news to share with us. If you know them, go ask them what their good news is!!! ;)

My handsome boy in the same Easter outfit from last year. He looks so sweet in his blue and green!

Leah and Dutch in their Easter best.

Eli LOVES his Deanie.

He would run out from the willows, freeze, clench his fists, and say, "cheeeeeeeese!"

Such a little ham.

My dad came to church and lunch with us. I think he's looking GREAT after his cancer treatment. He's still undergoing a little chemo and hormone therapy, so feel free to say a little prayer for those treatments to work. We were so glad he joined us for Easter.

Deanie has to hold her own egg hunts for Eli, and he pretty much runs the show around there.

He won the golden egg this year with one whole dollar in it, but we told him hopefully next year he'll have some more competition.

Holidays are so much more fun with babies around. Eli's a little young, but we really trying to instill in him that Easter, which is really Passover, is a celebration of the very reason we exist, the resurrection of our Savior.

(Bunnies and candy are fun, but they in no way compare to the gift of the the resurrection, and the promise of a Savior who's coming back. As parents, it's our job to teach our children the true meaning of these holidays. In many ways, our society has totally distorted the gift these holidays bestow, and I know there's a balance to be found. I can't wait to have more meaningful conversations with my children about the special meaning Easter and Christmas hold for our families.)

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  1. GREAT pictures, Jane. I love seeing my cousins and aunt and uncle. The people that I used to spend every Easter Sunday with. Granny and Granddad always had that golden egg hidden. I love that the Bills carry on the tradition. Eli did a wonderful job smiling. Cross your fingers that he doesn't start going through the "fake smile" stage. :-)