Friday, August 3, 2012

BB Pics

Here's what we've been up to lately...
 cutie pie in a cute outfit

 His mama was his valentine- this february and forever.
 pretty tulips from my brother

 you know they're sick when they lay down for no reason- off to the ER with a 104 fever.

 Mission of Motherhood and coffee on the patio

 my bday boy

 went to Target w Daddy- brought home popcorn, beef jerky and these attractive sunglasses.

 just a'swingin.

 Boone makes a good pllow for a sick boy.

 After bath bundled up tight.

 an enjoyable car ride to Franklin.

 new hair cut and darker color.

 ready for rain at the farmer's market

 night swimming in charlotte while daddy works.

 children's museum in charlotte. knoxville needs one pronto.

 Eli's new favorite morning smoothie drink. Tons of veggies snuck in there too!


 skinny hiney on the first day of summer.

 fresh tomato, mozzerella, basil, kalamatas, and mushroom pizza.

 testing out my fruit tea for me.

 it's hot, y'all.

 our wildflowers are out of control.

Eli's favorite- cherry tomatoes.

I think that brings me up to speed for phone pics. I actually just got a new phone, and transferred all my phone pics to my computer, so now I'm ready to instagram my life away.
Can you believe it's already August??!!

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