Monday, November 19, 2012

Sweet Nephew Bennett.

There's a new sweet baby in town! Our little nephew Bennett Collin Bills was born two weeks ago. I was in Franklin for the week while Matthew was out of town for work, and was so glad little Bennett was punctual about his due date! Kelci's water broke ON her due date, and she had him later that night. If you know Kelci at all, this shouldn't surprise you. She is the most organized, punctual person ever. Bennett is already taking after his mama. Little Bennett weighed about 7 and 1/2 pounds I think, and 19 inches. He is so sweet and tiny!!

I'm not sure what the deal is with Eli and his new "smile." Tell him to smile, and he gives you this squinty-eyed shy face. It makes for really good pictures, obviously.

This one is a little better, although he still wouldn't smile. Our Christmas card picture options this year look bleak.

I certainly did not look like this after giving birth. And my belly is already as big as Kelci's was on her due date! Rude. 

Matth came back in town that Saturday and we headed up there again to cuddle that sweet boy. Matthew is just an ole' pro now- bring on the babies!
Sweet brothers picture.

So far, he looks like a little combo we think. Maybe Anthony's nose, Kelci's eyes and face shape, and both of their big lips!
Holding Bennett makes us even more excited for our new little boy to get here!! Babies are addicting!

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