Monday, January 7, 2013

Meal planning

We had a great Christmas month celebrating the birth of Jesus, albeit a little crazy with Getting our house ready to sell for whenever we get official news. My new motto is to just keep on living like we are going to be living here with a newborn in two months and fool myself into thinking no differently! 

We have our house just about ready to go on the market when we get official word, and I am starting to stockpile a cute stack of teeny tiny boy clothes in the pack n play in our room and we have pulled the boppy and bottles out to wash. This baby will just have a little corner in our room for now, which will suit him just fine I know. 

Anyway, on to meal planning. We traveled for November and December with baby showers, births of babies, and then the holidays, so I haven't had to plan many consistent weeks of meals. Then we had three illnessesin a row, and gladly, we are all done for now. We all shared the stomach flu, then a sinus infection, and lastly, for Matthew's 30th bday weekend, Eli and I shared the stomach bug with his whole family! Nice, huh? So, here we are with no illnesses to speak of and a whole month ahead of us of hunkering down and enjoying dreary January days. Here's what we're eating the next two weeks:

Tomato sherry soup with grilled cheeses
Quinoa and turkey sausage stuffed red bell peppers and Caesar salad
Eggplant Parmesan 
Chicken tortilla soup
French bread pizzas
Dill salmon with roasted butternut squash and wild rice
Crockpot barbeque with baked potatoes
Spinach and black bean quesadillas
Greek salad with sourdough bread

That should last us about two weeks with leftovers!
I love not having to go to the store except to maybe get some milk and juice! 

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