Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Easter 2013

Not only is Easter my favorite holiday, but this year, I had two more reasons to celebrate! It was my big three year old's birthday, and my tiny three week old's first time at church! Matthew and I look just about right for two parents with a newborn--bleary eyed and sleepy! It was a miracle in itself we made it to church for the 9 a.m. service!

That cute fuss and I spent most of our time in the nursing room, and Matthew spent most of his time helping a toddler try to go potty at church, but we were there nonetheless. :)
My dad joined us for church and lunch, and we ate a nice lunch at my MIL's house, and then Shepherd, Eli, and I took a big afternoon nap. The day before we all had gone to the Gentry's Farm to hunt eggs, and Eli and I spent one morning dyeing eggs while brother napped. The times are rare that I can give Eli all my attention lately, so I soaked it up!


That cutie pie was so proud of his creations, and told me every color he was using. He wanted to do them all all by himself, and I let him just go at it. He is getting so big and independent, and it's fun (usually) to watch him do things all by himself.
I would have liked to do more this Easter, but we had just moved back to Franklin that weekend, and I knew with Eli's birthday being that day and still healing from my surgery, I would just have to learn to let a lot of things go this Spring and do the small things we could!

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