Sunday, December 8, 2013

Shepherd Fox Months 7-9

Where oh where does the time go? I am just plain mad about it. My sweet baby turned NINE months old yesterday, and I am in mourning every time another month passes. He is a sweet angel baby, and I can't stand that he is getting older each day. 

He is so sweet, y'all. He really is. Eli is our spitfire, but Shepherd is just so so sweet. Calm, serious, and so cuddly. He LOVES to be held, and is happy in someone's arms most of the day. 

He is so serious. Eli would smile and laugh at almost anything from an early age, but Shepherd makes us work really hard for a big belly laugh. In new environments, he gives a total stare down. 

He loves Eli. He crawls all over our house, just following Eli. On really good days, Eli will let him actually catch him. Shepherd is all over the place. He loves to crawl and pull up on anything and everything, and is constantly hitting his cute noggin on tables. He is starting to let go while standing, and I may or may not push him down to discourage him. :)

He has the CUTEST front teeth. They are like a little bunny rabbit, and have a huge gap in them, just like Eli's, and just like Matthew did. He is almost the spitting image of Matthew when he was little, but there are a few differences. Shepherd has the softest light golden brown hair, and chestnut brown eyes and the straightest long eyelashes. Be still my mama's heart. I can just see girls swooning over it all when he gets older.

He sleeps okay. He takes two naps a day now, and has pretty much dropped his cat nap in the early evening. He sleeps from around 8:30- 7 or so, and wakes up at night still to eat and visit. He is wearing 9-12 month clothes, and size four diapers. I take him to the doctor this week to see his weight and height, but I am guessing a little over 20 pounds and close to 30 inches.

This little mister pretty much skipped all baby food, and went straight to table food. We didn't start solids until 6 months and even then, he wasn't too into it, so I waited awhile longer. Around 7 months, he started eating some table food, and a few of those vegi/fruit pouches, and now, he pretty much nurses four times a day, and then eats three "meals" a day of table food. He loves everything! He has had vegetables, fruits, red curry chicken, beef stew, spaghetti, eggs, sausage balls, etc. Loves. it. all. 

He hates to be left alone, and pretty much crawls after anyone and fusses to be picked up. He loves his baths, and will splash around and play forever. He loves to babble and says dada consistently, and mama sometimes. When he hears Matthew come in the front door after work, he makes a beeline straight for him. He is pretty scared of the dogs still, and cries if they bark loudly or surprise him when inside.

Frankly, he has us all wrapped around his little finger, and makes me want a whole brood of boys. 

For my records, 
-army crawled at 6 1/2 months
-crawled at 7 1/2 months
-pulled up at 8 months
-has 6 teeth (four upper and two lower)
-says dada, mama, and heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
-nurses four times a day
-still will hardly take a bottle
-size four diapers
-sleeps 10 hours and wakes up to eat 1,2 or 3 times
-takes two naps a day
-a little over 20 lbs and 30 inches?

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