Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ohhhh Craig.

Craig is the best, ain't he? He offers me superb furniture finds for cheap, and let's me fix them up!! For instance, I LOVE the shape of the barrel-back chairs. Guess the price...go ahead, guess. You give up? 20 bucks a piece!! Yep, and I am going to visit them tomorrow and h0pefully bring them home with me. I'm thinking of painting them white and giving them an awesome linen-y fabric re-do...whattya think? The dresser above is lovely too. Just look at those little casters to roll all around my house. I need that dresser. The seller says to make an offer...hmmm, how about 20 bucks? Think that would do it? I'm calling tomorrow, so please, please, please say yes.

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