Monday, June 22, 2009

Thrift store paradise.

Since I'm a teacher, I have the WHOLE summer off to do as I please. And since it has rained just about every afternoon for the past two weeks, what else is a girl to do? That's right--shop. And where is my favorite place to shop? The local Goodwill. I am in love with it...there's a challenge to see what junk I can find and make pretty again. I have also fallen in love with spray paint. So far, my talent only stretches as far and white and black, but I'm going to expand soon. I had this old blue chair that my grandmother gave me as part of a bedroom set. The whole set is actually in our guest bedroom waiting to be revamped and made lovely. I'm sure it was gorgeous when my sweet stylish grandmother had is hand-painted in the 1950's, but these lovely pieces have seen their hayday. SO, I thought I would start with the chair and see how it went before I went on to the bigger pieces of furniture. So far? So good. The chair went to a stylish glossy black in no time and now it holds towels and other goodies for our guests when they arrive!
Up next from the local Goodwill were two brassy dingy ugly magazine racks. I just whipped out my semi-gloss white spray paint and ooh-la-la...white, crisp, clean magazine racks for each bathroom. Bathroom? Yep, we read everywhere.

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