Sunday, November 8, 2009

July Recap...a little late.

A little out of order, but here is Elizabeth, Katie and I at Elizabeth's wedding. I have know Liz since we were 2 years old, and Katie since I was about 9! I couldn't imagine weddings without these two girls in them!
Here we are Aug. 2 at Baby O's first bday party. It's hard to believe she is already a year old...I know her momma can hardly believe it either. Matthew is holding Baby Z. Baby Z was born at 23 weeks, and look how great he is doing and how big he is now!! Such evidence of God working. Matthew and I had just found out we were expecting that week, and I thought he might need some practice holding sweet babies!!
Here is party girl O. Her momma found her the cutest b-day hat, and you can tell she is enjoying her b-day cupcake!
Here's beautiful bride Christa. She and Michael got married on July 25 in downtown Nashville, on the Shelby Street walking bridge. The wedding was perfect, and she looked gorgeous!!
Here we are at Christa's dinner rehearsal. I was feeling a little sick here, but didn't know I was pregnant. I would take the test that next Tuesday and found out!

Here's Matthew's little sister Leah and her groom Luke. There wedding was the last of the three...Aug. 1st. The wedding was perfect, and Leah looked gorgeous, of course. I was feeling very sick this night, and hardly took any pictures. This one is a little blurry, but the lighting is better than the others I took. I'll have to get better about taking pictures now that I'm planning on actually updating this little blog.

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