Saturday, November 7, 2009


Has it really been since July when I posted last? What happened to the summer? Well, let's see. I had three amazing weddings to be in at the end of July. First, the beautiful bride Elizabeth led the way. Second, stunning Christa followed. Third, gorgeous Leah, my sister-in-law. I need to find some pictures from my camera and post from the weddings, b/c all three were really amazing in their own ways, and so much fun.
While at Christa's, I felt a little sick. Then came Leah's, and I was full-blown sick. Why, you ask? I'M PREGNANT!! We were a little surprised, but not too much, b/c we had been sort of planning it for the summer, and then there it was. A stick that told me so!! Now, I am starting my 20th week, and feeling SO MUCH better. Who knew pregnancy could make you that sick, 24 hours a day?
We found out this past week that we are having a little boy, and couldn't be happier. We would have been happy either way, but are just so excited to know what he is! I already went out and bought some clothes, and know I am going to have a hard time waiting for my showers before I buy more precious things for our baby boy! We are nailing down a name, and as soon as it's official, I'm getting something monogrammed. So really...where did July, Aug, Sept, and Oct. go? I guess to working and growing a baby!

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  1. Yeah Janie!! I will be following your blog now!