Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas recap

It's official...I am way behind on all our baby to-do list. I have to get busy because before we know it, baby Eli will be here and will have not have a room to call his own. Not that he will know it, but I will. Already I feel like an unprepared momma. So, on to what we have done. We painted the nursery...well, my dad did that is. We also painted a dresser that we had a light cream color and gave it some new hardware based off of a Pottery Barn dresser I saw in their catalog. We have a small bookcase painted in there, but might move in the huge tall one we have...What else...Eli got TONS of great baby gifts for Christmas, and he's not even here yet! Aunt Kelci and Uncle Anthony gave him a precious Ralph Lauren onesie, Deanie (Matthew's mom) gave him Matthew's old hand-made baby blanket...and I definitely cried over that gift. Matthew, being the sweet daddy that he is, gave me a precious hand-painted wooden frame personalized with Eli's name. It was the first time I saw his name officially on a gift, and I burst into tears. That was probably one of my very favorite gifts. I can't wait to put his first newborn picture in there, maybe even one with his sweet daddy holding him! Grandma Ruth (my mom) gave him everything I think she laid eyes on over the past couple months. Eli got lots of great books, including a children's Bible. I can't wait to read these famous stories to him over and over again, and teach him about God's great power and love. She knitted him a little hat and booties, bought him some sweet clothes, started a scrapbook with letters she is starting to write to him. the letters include lots of wonderful notes, everything from how excited she is to meet him, to past traditions she had when she was growing up. This is something he will cherish probably when he is much older, but I love it now! Last, she also gave me my childhood nativity scene. My aunt gave it to me when I was a baby, and it's a beautiful set of the manger scene. I've always wanted it, but I guess Eli is the one who finally let my mom let go of it! All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas filled with tons of family and love.

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