Sunday, January 31, 2010

Month 8!! 32 Weeks

Really??!! It's hard to believe that this is almost the end. By tomorrow, I can officially say I will have a baby sometime around the end of next month (March). In a way, time has flown by, and now, it's just the waiting game. I am so ready to see and hold our sweet baby boy; I'm hoping February will fly by b/c we have so much going on! This month is full of work, our baby classes, and baby showers--lots of fun stuff to look forward to! I can tell that I am not doing as well at work as I usually do-- I just don't have as much energy to plan really creative lessons, and I don't have as much patience with the high-schoolers as usual. I try to warn them on the days when I feel extra tired and pregnant, and they are usually on their best behavior for me on those days. I will be ready for maternity leave to come--I love marking each day off my desk calendar that gets me closer to that day. Sometimes I make myself wait just so I can mark a few days off in a row; somehow that makes me feel better!  Here's are semi-nursery inspiration. Our walls are a little darker, and our crib is different, but a similar idea. My mom is making the bedding, and I'm hoping I get it for my shower gift next weekend. Next, we have to sew some curtains and find a rug.
So let's see, how has this last month been? Pretty good, actually. I think I have been having Braxton-Hicks contractions, but I think it's hard to tell whether it's that, or if Eli is just bunching up in an awkward position. I can feel body parts a lot these days. Usually I can feel two big round ends, so I'm assuming one's his head and one's his bottom although I can't really tell the difference! I can also feel little bony parts that jut out; I usually just push them back down and he repositions himself. I let Matthew feel them last night, and he thought it was so bizarre that we can feel real body parts in there; I reminded him it's b/c we have a real baby in there...hmmm, that birthing class will be really beneficial I think.

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