Monday, May 23, 2011

12-14 Months

I have definitely been slacking a little in the milestone department. I never did a 12 month final post and pictures, and kept waiting to catch up, but never did. I do want to at least put some updates down here so I can remember them later on. So here we go...
Hank and Uncle Anthony in background
 Next week, Eli Matthew, you will be 14 months old! You started full-time walking the week of your 1st birthday. Now, you are running everywhere! If you get really excited, like during your Easter egg hunt, or if we are playing and chasing you in the living room, you might resort to crawling still. :) It looks so odd and funny to us now!

You are so much fun! You wake up smiling and go to bed smiling. You are usually only upset if you are tired. You are a strong-willed little guy, and don't always like to be told no. If we tell you not to do something, you get a huge grin on your face, and try to do it a couple more times to see what will happen. Stinker.

Deanie and Papa's backyard
 Right now, your favorite things are balls and dogs. You love to play with the dogs--you sit on them, pat them, giggle when they kiss you...your very favorite is when Huck sniffs your neck! You say "ruff, ruff" every time you see or hear a dog. You love throwing balls with us, and you love to hand Boone his tennis balls to play with. You say "ba" every time you see one. Your new word lately is " yes" although is sounds more like "yesssssssth". We love it. We say, "Do you love mama? Do you love daddy? Do you love Jesus?" And you'll tell us, "yesssth" after each one! So glad your new word isn't "no"!
 Your favorite song right now is "This little light of mine"...and you stick your little finger up and sway it back and forth when we sing it. You also love to blow on it during the "won't let Satan blow it out" part. Patty cake is another fave because you like the "rolllll it" part.

You are still a pretty picky eater. You usually have a fruit and grain cereal bar and milk for breakfast. Lunch is always hit or miss. One day you love oranges, the next you throw them all on the floor, or your new favorite, put them on your head. Drives me crazy. You usually eat whatever we do for dinner, but right now your faves are lima beans, broccoli and pizza! Oh, and ever since Deanie introduced you to Reese's cups, you say, "mmmmmm" every time you see one! We took away your bottle after your 1st b-day, and you drink only organic whole milk, juice, and water. You love your milk! It has caused some bathroom problems lately, so we haved backed off the dairy a little bit.
 You don't have a huge vocabulary yet, but you decided this month to gesture and say "ehhhhh" to show me what you want. I keep telling you to use your words, so hopefully you'll learn what those words are soon. :) You say "dada", 'mama", "uh-oh", "ba", "bye-bye", "yes", and some fun noises, like a car, train, fire engine, snake, and Indian sound.

You are wearing 12-18 months clothing- 12 for width and 18 for heighth. We just bought you new size 3 shoes because you outgrew your 2's. You are taking two 2 hours naps a day still and sleeping around 11 hours each night. You MUST have your lovey Mr. Elephant with you for naps. You suck on his trunk until it's soaking wet and stinky.
Your hair is growing all the time; it covers your ears, and I could make a teeny tiny ponytail out of the back. Your first hair cut is a'comin' soon, little man. You have 8 teeth still, and no signs of any new ones yet. Though, there are some days where your daddy and I check your mouth multiple times CERTAIN there MUST be new teeth coming through with your bad attitude, but nope. :)
Boone and Huck's cousin Hank
You still love your Baby Einstein and Praise Baby dvds, and we watch one every single morning. You sit in my lap. I drink coffee and check blogs and drink milk and eat your cereal bar. Then, we're off and running for the day. I love our little morning snuggle movie time.

Your daddy and I always say this stage has been the most fun with you yet. You walk around outside with us and play, play, play. You fake laugh just so we will laugh with you too. You are a little ham and LOVE attention- which all your relatives give you plenty of. You love to give high-fives now, and wrestle with your daddy on the rug at night. We are both so excited to take you on many firsts this year that you might actually enjoy too! Like, playing in the sand at the beach, feeling the ocean water and watching the waves, going to the aquarium and the zoo and seeing all of God's creatures, etc. There is just SO MUCH to see and explore in this big world God gave us, and we are so excited to do it with you, Eli Matthew.
All pics- April 21, 2011 almost 13 months

Every single night Eli, I pray and THANK God a million times over for the GIFT that you are to us. I ask Him to LEAD us and HELP us be the parents He wants us to be. I pray that God and you will forgive us for our shortcomings, and I pray that our HEARTS are always in the right place to raise you be a child of God. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being YOUR mommy and you and your daddy are the most special things to me on this EARTH. Thank you for your BIG smile, your open-mouth kisses, and laying your head on my shoulder. I never want to forget those things that make you YOU.


  1. what a beautiful post! miss you all :)

  2. What a sweet, sweet post about a sweet, sweet boy! That little smocked bubble is just adorable too.