Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Shmanuary.

I am not a fan of January. There's no holiday to celebrate after New Year's Day, there's no warm weather...it's a funk-infused month. I love the sun, and there's not much of that going on either. Eli and I have been racking our brains for things to do. Here's what we've been up to:
Licking batter off spoons.

And actually making the cookies too.

Enjoying Eli's favorite meal of noodles and tomato sauce.

Excitement on his blurry sauce covered face. He even loves to put it in his hair.

Playing outside on a 55 degree day.

"Boo, Huck, BA!" (or, Boone, Huck, Ball!)

Wearing what Matth calls his girly dog coat.

I just call it precious.

Boone! Huck won't sit still long enough for these.

Enjoying some hot chocolate out of a big boy mug.

Play dough with Dad.

Way cooler than when I make hearts and shapes with him.

That's what we've been up to. We went to an intro class at Little Gym on Monday, and Eli loved it. We signed him up right away and we start his first class tomorrow. We only signed up for through April to get us through the winter months. After that, we'll be outside and at the Y pool every day! What do y'all do with your toddlers when this cold January funk of a month settles in? How do you keep them entertained? I'm running out of ideas!


  1. I just enrolled O in swimming lessons; 2x a week for 4 weeks, starting at the end of January. We also have a lot of those indoor play places, but to be honest, I am over them :) I do a lot of cleaning/organizing on yucky days, and we paint a good bit. I can actually paint, and O can do her version of painting. We chill with Pandora a good part of the day. Oh, the library is usually good for a couple hours. Indoor picnics on a blanket in the living room. (My grammar and sentence structure are going out the window right now). Consignment prep. Uh.... we eat a lot....

  2. My older 2 absolutely loved The Little Gym! I hate it's gone from Cool Springs now. Would love to get Noah in it. What about children's museums? Kindermusik, indoor swimming at the Y, library and crafts. That is a lot of what we do. Also, Mother's Day Out is great to break up the week!