Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ch ch ch changes.

Hey Eli! Look over here!
What's that on your shirt?

Stick out that chest- let's make sure we can read it!

That's right- you're going to be a BIG brother!

Can you tell we're excited around here?! We have finally let ourselves start getting really excited- we're talking names, bedroom arrangements, how to best prepare Eli, etc.
Eli keeps saying it's a sister, but who knows? I certainly feel like this pregnancy has been different than Eli's- I am carrying differently ( and showing sooner), have been a lot sicker, different cravings, different heartbeat...although I know they say every single pregnancy is different, so we'll see. Honestly, we just don't care what the sex is! We would love a little girl at some point, but little boys are so. much. fun. and they love their mamas! Matth loves the idea of taking his little boys fishing and hunting, and we're just so thankful that God has given us this child!
I am finally feeling better, and today is the first day I haven't taken ANY nausea medicine, at almost 18 weeks. My body just doesn't handle pregnancy with grace. It just plumb falls apart! I get just about every symptom you can get, intense nausea and throwing up, exhaustion, sciatic nerve pain, stuffed up nose, crazy stubborn bowels, even carpal tunnel in my wrist! I truly go back and look at teeny tiny Eli pictures to remind myself how all those annoying symptoms don't matter one bit as soon as you hold that precious baby!
Even though I'm definitely showing sooner, I haven't gained any weight yet, mainly b/c I lost some due to all my throwing up and not eating, but if you looked at my belly, you would think I was 6 months pregnant! Poor totally absent stomach muscles just can't hold anything in!
The best part so far has been feeling little baby movements earlier this time- around 14 weeks I starting feeling little flips, like a little fish swimming around. They are getting to be little kicks here and there, and I feel this baby every day now- so much fun!
We have an appt. in about a week and a half to find out the gender- we're still not sure if we want to find out or not. Well, I wish we could not find out and have a big surprise, but I don't think the two of us can do it. We're weak and want to know now!
Eli isn't super excited yet, but he definitely can tell you there's a baby in my belly and it's a sister! We have a lot of big changes coming for him this season- potty training, big boy bed, sleeping through the night in his own bed (goodness gracious), a real official hair cut, and learning to have fun at school! Go ahead and send a prayer for this little homebody to embrace all this change and thrive with these new changes!!


  1. I am so very happy for you guys! That is going to be one blessed baby, to have you and Matthew as parents and Eli as a big brother.

  2. It sounds like ya'll are going through a lot of the same changes we are - big boy bed, potty training, haircut, etc :) I can't believe our boys are growing up! I'm so glad you are feeling a little better and can't wait to hear the news - boy or girl! Either way it will be so fun!

  3. LOVE Eli's big brother shirt, BTW. He looks so proud!!!