Friday, October 19, 2012

Gentry's Farm

Last weekend, we hit up a family friend's farm in Franklin to let Eli run around and play! One of the things I miss most about Franklin is visiting all the local restaurants and places that are dear to our hearts and memories from growing up there. We met my mom bright and early for breakfast at Dotson's Restaurant, and then headed over to the farm for some Fall fun.
They sell pumpkins in the Fall, and lead field trips and summer camps throughout the rest of the year. I used to help with the field trips when I was in grad school, and love seeing this family! This farm is set up perfectly for younger kids- barns with mazes and slides, troughs full of corn activities, barns with play farmer's markets and tractors and trucks, animals, and hay rides to see the cows! Here's Eli crawling through the mole tunnel!

Eli is not too happy here b/c his daddy let him stick his teeny tiny precious finger in the cage and ole' Tom Turkey pecked him! His little finger was swollen and bleeding and Eli was a little traumatized for the rest of the day! He would run and cry from every chicken he saw getting close to him after that! Most of the pictures he has his hands behind his back b/c every animal would make him nervous!

I've known he's desperately needed another hair cut, but this picture confirmed it for me! I'm proud to say this poor little boy has since had a new hair cut, and looks a little less wild man these days!

Here is he with Mr. Jimmy, who finger-printed his little finger onto a sweet card to remember Eli's visit to the farm.
There's never enough time to do all the things we want in Franklin, but we are always so grateful to visit and make some new memories with our own baby!
P.S. We are planning another visit for Halloween (Matthew will be out of town) AND our NEPHEW Bennett is due in two weeks, so I am hoping Bennett decides to come when we are there visiting!! We are so excited to meet our sweet nephew and for all these boys in the family!!

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