Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bit by bit.

Learning to be grateful for the mundane.

Mother's Day with my sweet boys.

Late spring garden...and a cute baby.

Joy is dirt for a little boy.

Sweets and gifts are one of his love languages.

Early summer garden- just got the tomatoes in here.

So proud of his first carrot! 

Kitchen project phase one.

I love subway tile.

Books and Legos..all day, every day.

This summer has been good to us...This was our first summer in our new home here in Franklin, and everywhere we turn, there is a project to do. We had our first real garden here, and loved it, and dreaded it. It is a lot of work to save all those vegis once they started coming in, but so worth it. I want to do a separate post on this--Eli has LOVED having a garden, and we have learned so much already!

Matthew started another new job this summer- same company, different position, and that has been a learning curve for us...different hours, and almost a "demotion" to gain a "promotion" in the future. Being a grown-up comes with a lot of decision making, but we have been having lots of great discussions on praying that God is leading our lives, and not the lure of promotions, more this, or more that. What is God's plan for our family? What do our steps now show our children later? Who are we serving? Lots of good talk!!

I have been trying to have a "just get it done" attitude with projects. There are so many great ideas out there, that I can spend way too much time looking at what others have done, and then there are just too many options for me to choose a path. I want to just do it! Paint the trim (again), hang those pictures, donate all the stuff, sew the outfits, etc. Right now I am focusing on taking our bathrooms from 1976 to present--I've been paralyzed by finding the "perfect" mirror and "perfect" lights..and frankly, now I'm just buying something that works and moving on! :) It feels good to get some stuff done around here!

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