Friday, January 23, 2015

Catching Up

Trying to catch up! The last time I actually took a lot of pictures was way back in October, before I got pregnant and incredibly sick. Yep! Baby number 3! We are so so excited, and can't wait to meet this third little blessing in July- our first summer baby. 

Eli warmed right up the idea of another sibling, after months of telling us he only needed Shepherd as his sibling, I was a little worried with how he would react. He did just fine though, and is excited to be "another big brother." He thinks it's a girl, so we'll see soon enough.

Even after taking these THREE tests, Matthew was still asking me, "Do you really think it's right? Does it matter if the line is faded?" Ha! Yes, I think it's very right!

There's the little baby! We have an inkling of what it is...but will find out on Feb. 2nd. Can't wait to find out for sure!

I also know I will get sick when I'm pregnant, but I just truly forget HOW sick I get. I start taking B6 and Unisom at six weeks, and I pretty much have to stay on it for the whole pregnancy. It helps me not throw up AS much, but it doesn't really help with the extreme all day nausea. I just feel like I have a severe case of the food poisoning for weeks on end. I pretty much keep just enough food down to not end up in the hospital. I wake up, lay on the couch, let the boys run around like wild, and go back and forth to the bathroom to throw up all day. Matthew has done EVERYTHING for the past eight weeks or, cooking, transporting the boys, taking care of me, you name it. Without complaining...which is probably what I would do. :) He had to go out of town for about three weeks right before Christmas, and our house just about fell to shambles. Thank goodness we had his parents to come over when they could and help with the boys. Pregnancy just about does me in. I am almost 17 weeks now, and have finally made it to the point where I can get dressed and eat normal food and do normal things like the dishes. :)

While he was gone, my poor Eli had the worst fever virus. He had spent the night at his grandparents, and I got a call early the next morning saying he was burning up with a fever, and wanted his mama right away. For the next week, he pretty much laid on the couch and went in and out of sleep. I hate it when my babies are sick, but I do love the extra cuddles and taking care of them. Plus, he made good company at the other end of the couch for me!

This wild child pretty much had free reign of the house while his mama and brother were sick and daddy was out of town. One of his favorite activities is pulling EVERY pot and pan out that we own and "cooking" with me. He had also now mastered the sound of throwing up, after watching me do it multiple times a day. He will run and get his sippy cup and offer it to me while I throw up. "He (here), mama."

One night, his grandmother was bringing them home after watching them for me and tripped on the sidewalk while holding him. They both crashed to the ground and she happened to land on top of him. His sweet face got pretty banged up, but he's really a tough little thing, and after a doctor visit the next day, he was all cleared to keep playing.

I honestly don't know how Eli got to be such a BIG BOY lately. He is officially a little boy. These are his favorite jammies, and although I don't love character clothing, he has these pi's and a spiderman t-shirt that he loves, and I love that it makes him so happy. He is such a funny kid...and SO much like me. He is shy, and silly, and really deserves his own catch up post, b/c he does so many things lately I want to remember.

My two superheroes on Halloween. Again, with the Spider-man, and he hadn't even seen the movie. He just loves the thought of him. It was a freezing cold night, and we went over to our friend's new house to have dinner and do some trick-or-treating.

A couple nephew pics before I got pregnant and sick. I love being in Franklin with Bennett and Sawyer, and love seeing these boys all get together and play. I pray these cousins will grow up hanging out and being more than cousins...real friends. I have lots of great memories with my cousins, and love to see Eli and Bennett and Shepherd rough house and play together now. Leah had Jack in October, making that baby boy number five for the Bills' side. He is precious, looks a lot like Leah, and is the fattest of all them so far. :) Leah was a rockstar and barely made it to the hospital in time before delivering Jack without even so much as a tylenol...crazy. I told her if I never got sick, and delivered babies like her, I'd have about ten kiddos. :)

There's so much more I want to remember on here- I'll have to make it more of a habit to blog now that I am feeling a bit better. We are ready for spring around here, and I have two wild little boys who are meant to be outside a lot more than they can be right now. Their mama has been no fun and we all are looking forward to some sunshine and fresh air here, hopefully soon.

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