Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Babies, babies everywhere.

All my friends got together and decided they should all get pregnant at the same time. They also decided to all have little girls, so they could all grow up together and be best friends like we all did. Perfect plan, right?

Just kidding. But, all my friends ARE pregnant, and almost every single one is having a little girl!! Crazy!

Christa at 17, Corinne at 23, and Ashley at 26 weeks.

First, meet Ashley. Ashley has never met a stranger. Seriously, the girl has about one million friends. I've never gone to a function where she didn't know at least ten people in the place. She is one of the friendliest, sweetest people I know, and she hands out compliments left and right. (Maybe that's why I like her.) :) Ashley is having baby Luna, due around Jan. 1. Oh, and Ashley above goes with the belly below.

Meet Ashley's belly. This is 6.5 months pregnant. It's okay to hate her.
Next is Allison. She is one of the first friends I made when I moved to Knoxville. She has lived here and gone to church here her whole life, but still makes it a point to reach out and befriend the newbies like me. She already has a little girl, but is having a BOY around Jan 28.

Here's Allison's little fam. No baby bump picture yet, because she's tiny.

Third, we have Corinne. She is stay-at-home momma/entrepreneur extraordinaire. She not only takes care of her home, but plans weddings, consignment events, and other activities. I don't think she sleeps. She is having a baby girl Ava, who is joining big sis Olivia, around Feb. 1.
Cute girl. cute dress. cutest baby bump eva. I never looked this cute pregnant.
Fourth, we have Miss Missy. She and I became friends through our hubbies, who weren't lucky enough to be called hubbies at that point. Then, we only called them that in our minds. :) They would've called themselves boyfriends. Anywhoo, Missy has only ever been the sweetest person since I've met her. She is incredibly thoughtful and generous, and always seems to think of other people. She brought me the sweetest necklace after Eli was born. It's a gold circle with the initial E on it. I had bought one with an M on it when we were vacationing together, (M for Matthew, not Missy. That would just be awkward.) She took note, and got me one for the next love in my life. I wear it just about every day. Oh, back to babies. She is having a little girl Ellie around Feb. 28th. Ellie Rose- don't you want to eat her up just from her name alone?

here we are two years ago. we were visiting our house before we ever moved in. Missy's on the left. she swears she has a baby bump now, but I won't believe it until I see it. :)
 Okay and last, we have Christa. One of my very bestest friends since the 6th grade. That's like 15 years...yikes I'm old. She, like Missy, is also one of the most thoughtful people I know. She visits new babies, calls on birthdays, sends gifts, etc. She is also one of the most stylish things ever. I try to channel her when I get dressed, but never really succeed. She's also tiny- and so is her belly. She having a girl, but not quite settled on a name around March 10th. Here she is probably pushing her belly out with all her might.

So, there you have. 5 friends having 5 babies, four girls and one boy, all from January- March. If I have a slight case of baby fever now, I will have it full-blown when all these beautiful women bring these babes into the world.

Maybe you could say a little prayer with me that all of my sweet friends continue to have safe, healthy pregnancies, and that their babies are all born just as perfect as can be. Oh, and a quick, easy labor wouldn't hurt either. :)

P.S. I stole all of your pictures off FB. I really hope you don't mind!

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