Monday, October 11, 2010

Neh Neh.

At 6 months old, this big boy can sit up unassisted for a few minutes before toppling. He's learned how to do it without using his arms to prop him up too. Sometimes his big massive brain gets too heavy for him to carry, and it topples him over. The woes of a prodigy baby. :)

His legs are still very long, although at his last check-up, he wasn't taller than average. He's 26 1/4 inches, which is what he was one month ago too, so I'm assuming he'll hit his 6 month growth spurt soon. He was in the 50th percentile for height.
If you've been reading this blog for a little while, you've heard all about our weight "issues" with Eli. And by issues, I mean, his doctor wants him to be really fat. And I have an issue with that. :)
Not really, I love a baby with some rolls (hello Daniel!), but Eli just doesn't have them. He's a lean thang, and we'll take him however God decided to make him. He weighed 14.8 on the 1st of Sept. and of course, we are now shoveling bowls of rice cereal and oatmeal in him, so we're assuming he's packing on a few pounds since then.

If he's had a nap, he is a smiley smiley baby. He will beam that smile at me all day long, and I could just eat him up. Sometimes I almost do. Both bottom teeth are breaking through the surface. Did you teeth usually came in pairs? I certainly didn't, but here they both are...cutting skin and making us lose a little sleep. I thought Eli would be a little fussier than this, but he's handled it pretty well so far. It has made nursing a bit of a painful process- those new teeth are sharp!

He is into everything. His new interest is paper. He wants to eat every piece he sees.

He's learned how to make a smacking sound with his mouth. He will do this for about 15 minutes with you, smiling all the while.

Those teeth also bring a constant stream of drool. He soaks through about 5 bibs a day at least. See him getting up on all fours? He just learned last week or so to get up on all fours and rock away. He does so with that giant smile on his face, proud as a peacock. Any day now, he's gonna figure out how to crawl, and I really will be in trouble.

He loves to stand, and isn't content to sit still. Bottle time has become a battle-field. He squirms, twists, and rolls in our arms while we try to dance with him and keep a bottle in his mouth. I think I will take a video in to the dr. to show her what I mean by "active". :)

And here's the traditional end-of-photo-shoot pic. He wanted to be picked up at this point, and I was too busy trying to get a good pic of him!

What else for month 6:

-he's eaten peaches, apples, sweet potatoes, avocado, plums, and carrots. He would gag on the carrots.
-he's wearing anywhere from 3-12 month clothing. Huh? Stores need to get together and come up with a universal measuring system.
-he loves his jumparoo.
-he's cutting two teeth.
-he still naps twice a day, for usually 2 hours each.
-not sleeping through the night, but getting close. (teeth come on through, so we can work on that)
-he loves his daddy. he makes him laugh the most.
-he talks more. his fave is "neh, neh, neh..." I think that means "I love you momma."
-he is still a screamer, just for fun though, not when he's upset.
-we don't have to stand AS much with him at night. he'll play in his jumparoo for awhile, but then we have to stand. :)
-loves his Baby Einstein dvd. He watches it every morning while momma makes a bottle.

I think that does it. Matthew said so far this age is his favorite b/c he feels like Eli is getting "sturdier" and they can bond more and play together more.

So my question is, how did you safety-proof your house for your crawling baby? I.E. what am I in for?

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  1. That big ole smile is just adorable! I especially love the one with the long stream of drool. A "grandma-type" told me a couple of weeks ago that baby drool was really Karo syrup! I though that was so cute.