Monday, April 4, 2011

The Real First Birthday Celebration.

It's Official. I am the mama of a one year old. I meant to do a post on his actual birthday last Thursday, but the day flew by with my mom in town, and before I knew it, here we are at Monday. Having this party for him was lots of fun, and I think it kept my mind pretty occupied, so I didn't sit down and bawl that my baby is now a toddler.

For his actual birthday on Thursday, I sang to him while he danced in is crib bright and early. We then quickly went to wake up daddy in bed, so he could sing to him too. :) We played all day, and had his favorite for He loves his pizza, just like Matthew does.

Pizza is the best dinner for babies...mushable, cheesy, and so healthy when you order veggie. :)

After dinner, we lit one little candle and sang again to our little man. He just sat in his highchair grinning from ear to ear. We placed the cupcake in front of him, helped him blow out his candle, and gave him is first taste. He LOVED his cupcake. Ate the entire thing. He wanted more when he was done, and found a crumb or two later on the base of his highchair to munch on. :) He was a huge mess afterwards, and we loved every second of watching our son delight in something so new and sweet.

He loved the singing and the flame on the candle.

This is for me??!!

Licking his lips with his belly stuck out.

A quick drink break.

Everyone clapped together when he was done. Yay for cake!
While still on his sugar overload, Matthew took him to play in the tub while my mom and I cleaned up the aftermath. After he was squeaky clean and in his jammies, we gave him a few of the gifts my mom brought. Every time she left my house to run an quick errand somewhere, she found something there that was "too cute" and bought it for him. Surprisingly, he really loved all the toys he opened, and wasn't just interested in the paper this time.

Hugging his bumblebee pillow pet.

It was so worth it to wait and give him his first bites of cake on his birthday. The next morning, when I offered him his usual organic, sugar-free yogurt, he looked at me like, "Are you kidding, mama? I'm only eating sugar every day for the rest of my life."

The budding photog in me wishes I had taken him outside at dusk to get these pictures, because the lighting would have been one million times better and not blurry. Thus, I didn't even bother editing these. I am very thankful for the memories though, blurry and bad lighting and all. :)

I really should've dried my hair and put on some make-up for this memory. :)

Bumblebee Birthday Bash post coming soon...

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  1. Happy birthday Eli!! We loved seeing you guys the other day!!