Monday, April 25, 2011

Digging in the Dirt.

What in the world happened to April? One minute, it was the 2nd, and I was throwing a birthday party, and the next it's Easter and the last week of the month! I think I was just comatosed the week after the birthday and we just hung around the house. One weekend was full of landscaping. Matthew went out of town for 5 days and my grandmother Jane came to visit. I wrote about her here before. I wish I had taken pictures from our visit together because it was wonderful, but I think being a single momma took all my energy. Eli somehow got sick during that time, and got two new teeth, so I held a fussy baby in my arms for five days. The next weekend we headed to Franklin for Easter with family, and so here we are! I have about 1000 pictures to show you all, but I need to edit them all first, and talk about them, and so on.

This is one of our landscaping projects. We did this one right before Eli's birthday. In the picture below, you can see our patio. The patio has two steps that lead into the yard. There wasn't anything separating the two, so Matthew and Luke built that pergola last Fall. Matthew has to finish a tiny section of staining it, and it will be officially complete. See that fallen over owl on top? That was to scare away the millions of squirrels that come and eat our grass and seed, and leave holes all over the place. It seems that squirrels are not very scared of plastic owls. Anyway, we bought about 20 boxwood shrubs and Matthew and Luke planted them all while Eli and I supervised.

 Eli is ALL about his daddy right now. Cries when he leaves, fusses if he goes anywhere without him, follows him all over the house, reaches for him to hold him, etc. Daddy = fun.
 I love some good strong daddy's hand holding my baby.

The camera focused on my baby's ear here instead of his face. I still love it. He's making his fish face and concentrating on watching Uncle Luke so intensely.

 Since I was on baby duty while the boys worked all day, a big ole' Starbucks was brought home from the shrub run. Vanilla non-fat latte please. Mmmmm.

 These little legs weren't quite full time walking yet, but he would pull himself up on the brick wall and stare right up at the guys working in front of him.

 I love some good forearms too. But only on my hubby. Working hard for our house, for his family, and for the Lord. Those are the best kind of forearms. :)

One day little boy, you can dig in the dirt with daddy too. I know you can't wait.

For now, you'll have to be content to play with rocks.

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  1. Love that boy. I was so happy to see you guys on Saturday!