Wednesday, July 27, 2011

15-16 Months

Eli Matthew, the very best way to describe you these past two months have been STINKER POT. :) You are exerting your will left and right, and I can't quite keep up! You are curious about everything, from how the hose works, to what sound things make when they fall, to what might happen if you hit your mama in the face. :) Wears. me. out.
Daddy showed him how to stick his finger in the hole to make water spray everywhere.
 Although most times you are fearless, you have your moments where you aren't so sure of something. If you are a little uncertain or scared, you lay your sweet head on our shoulders and observe the scene. Usually this happens when someone you don't know very well picks you up, or when you are at the pool, ocean, or giant water fountains. :)
Papa and Eli at Knoxville's water fountains.

Deanie and eli.
 You are so much fun right now! You love to run and play outside. You LOVE getting dirty, playing in puddles, and our mulch. You love our dogs and can now say "Huck" and "Boone". You can now find your belly and love finding ours! You will try to lift my shirt up and pat my belly (really good for my self-esteem). You are really becoming more social, and love to be around other kids, and watch them play.

Loving the swing.
 You finally like swinging at the park, and will giggle every time you fly higher. You still love playing with balls, but you have needed more structured play lately, as your toys are starting to bore you, I think. As long as we can play outside with some sticks and dirt, you are happy. We've done some new things this summer- went to the beach twice, the aquarium, the zoo, and some play places. You weren't too into the zoo, but we'll try again when you know your animals a little better. The animals kind of lay around and hide in this heat!
This is your fussing/whining face, which I have learned is different from your actual upset crying face. If you are making this face, I try to explain to you that we don't whine, and sometimes we can't have everything we want. You still want whatever it is anyway. I truly didn't think we would have to think about discipline this early on, but it seems we do. Time out? Spanking? Ignore outbursts? Right now, we've tried all three, and a lot of praying, so hopefully we'll figure something out soon. How do you discipline your toddler when you can't communicate well with them??

 You are a good helper now. You always want to help sweep, or wipe down counters. You love to open and close doors for us. You help with the laundry. You still aren't so sure of the vaccuum, b/c it's a little too loud for your liking. I have to hold you while I vaccuum, and you just lay your little head on my shoulder until it's over.

We've kind of had to train you again to sleep through the night. We were out of town a lot, and you're getting your molars, so you ended up in our bed a lot. Then we came home, and you were still teething, and we were getting ready to go out of town again, and we didn't want to have you crying all night while on vacation with everyone, so we waited, and waited. This week, you've slept in your own bed all night long every night, and fussed here and there. You slept 12 hours again last night, which I think you really needed. You are still taking two naps a day, and I hear that should end anytime now. I'm kind of looking forward to getting out of the house all morning long if we want!

You are a decent eater. Your favorites right now are steamed broccoli, black beans, strawberries, and blueberries. Unfortunately, these foods don't have many calories in them, and you dropped in weight- again. At your 15 mo. check-up, you weighed a whopping 20 pounds, which puts you below your normal 5%. You are 31.75 inches tall, which is around 60%. I am now supposed to put you on a high-calorie diet, and take you back for a weight check soon. If you don't gain weight, we're off to a gastroentologist. I'm not too worried though, b/c you run around like a maniac ALL day long, and eat fruit and veggies. We have added carnation breakfast to your milk, butter and cheese to everything, and are feeding you lots of hummus, guacamole, and peanut butter!

Your vocabulary is expanding slowly but surely, and you've added a few words this month. Your pediatrician said you know a few more words than other boys at your age, so although I think you aren't talking much, it seems you are right on track!

At the beach, I heard a noise in the kitchen, and found you just like this. You pulled your box out of the fridge from lunch and were munching on some cold french fries! You are such a fun, willfull, mess Eli! We love you!


  1. Yet somehow, at this age, we all start thinking "Oh, I want another baby!" We've lost our minds! Love you Janie!

  2. I love this post, Jane! He looks just like Matthew in the "trouble" picture :) And, his face with the watermelon is priceless! We'll be in Nashville the first 10 days of August. I'd love to see you if you will by chance be in town! BTW- I'm like you - discipline is soooo hard! I'm constantly second guessing myself, wondering if I'm doing the right thing with Caroline. It's definitely one of those things you have to totally rely on the Lord and take it one day at a time!!!