Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My To-Do List

“There is nothing more important on your ‘to do list’ today than to be the heart of your home. it is no accident if you are a wife and mother. you have been given a special gift, God has entrusted you with taking earthly care of your spouse and children. use this day He has given you to show them love…grace…compassion…and the value of family. make your home a warm, loving and welcoming refuge. their safe haven. ask God to help you do His will for your family. show them the love of Christ, through you.”

“maybe the greatest gift you could ever give your children besides Jesus Christ would be the gift of time.”                                                                              anne ortlund

found my quotes on this blog:

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  1. Love you Janie! I am glad we both share this job He has given us! Some days are hard, but it is a very rewarding one!