Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stop the Clock.

How is it possible this little smiley stinker is four months old??!! Didn't I just do a 3 month old post why yes I did...2 weeks late. ?

Annoyingly, I don't have any stats on weight or height to show because my doctor's office schedule his 4 mo. appt. for two weeks from now. I hate that it won't be exactly accurate. Anywhoo, notice the drool on my little guy's sticker above? He drools ALL THE TIME. He soaks through bibs like nobody's business (except his mama's since she has to wash them all).

He's usually a very happy little guy, especially when someone is paying 100% attention to him and him only--he will smile at you all day then. He loves to sit upright now, and has mastered the "propped sit".
He loves to stand up with assistance of course, and if placed on his back will roll over immediately. He only sleeps on his tummy now because of this. I only check on him 200 times tops minimum when he is sleeping like this.
Here is he failing the propped sit. I'm comin' to get your camera momma.
Crashing into me and the camera.
I can't have that thing? Fine, I'll just chew on your hand. Nom, nom, nom.
He will chew on anything and everything now.
I can't even have your hand? Geez woman, I'll just play with my toes then.
Yep, he loves his little nibbly toes. Who wouldn't? I nibble on them all day. Which reminds me: the other day a teacher friend and I were talking about how we just love to "bite" and nibble on our babies' feet and chunky thighs. My other non-momma friend said, "Y'all should prob. get that checked out...that doesn't sound normal." I KNOW we aren't the only two who want to eat their children right up. How can you resist those cheeks, and thighs, and fingers and toes??

Oh yeah, see his little cloth diapered bum? Those are G Diapers. They are okay, but definitely not my fave. The ole' Bum Genius's are the ones for us. Which is kind of disappointing, b/c these G's were free, and I will have to shell out some major moolah to start my Bum Genius collection.

That's all for my 4 mo. update, until I can get some real stats from the doctor. Again, 4 whole months? Does it really happen this fast ALL the time? Before I know it, he'll be five and starting kindergarten...say it ain't so!


  1. he is so cute!! as soon as it isn't 97 degrees out we'll have to go for a walk in the park or out to lunch :)

  2. It's so! And it gets funner and funner. What a cutie.

  3. Jeez! Time does fly. Are you planning on going back to work?

  4. So cute!! He is really getting big and grown up!

    And yes, I figured the G diapers wouldn't be so great. That is the rumor anyways. Glad you are keeping it up!

  5. WHY DOES THE TIME GO BY SO FAST!?! I can't believe it! Not 4 months old already?! I have tons of breastfeeding questions for you but I just know when I get on the phone with you, one of us will have a baby to tend to! Hopefully when you are in the area for your visit, I'll get to question you!