Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beef Him Up.

Just had the 4 month check-up today even though Eli is almost 5 months. For a couple weeks now, I thought our little boy was looking a little thin. I especially thought so after our first trip to the pool the other night. He's already pretty tall for his age, but he doesn't have that good ole' baby chub goin' on. People (ahem...husband) told me he was perfectly fine and to quit worrying. Turns out? Momma knows best. :)
He's weighing about 13.8 right now, which puts him in the 12th percentile for weight, and 26 inches, which is the 75th percentile for his height. Long story short, he's too skinny for his age, and needs to beef up. I had a good long talk with the lactation consultant, and we have a plan to make sure he's getting all the good fat and nutrients he needs, and we're going back in two weeks to check on his weight again. Sometimes I do wonder if I worry too much about all things baby, but I was glad to know that I was right about this one! Well, I wish I was wrong, and he was perfectly skinny, but I'm at least glad to know I can usually count on my momma instincts!
P.S. He loved the pool. He hated being cold afterwards. You win some, you lose some.


  1. He may be, as you say, "skinny", but he looks so happy and healthy!! I'm sure you'll beef him up in no time.

    Eli is so stinkin' CUTE!

  2. miles is no chunk either :) but i question their percentages anyways.. i mean isn't the "norm" too fat anyways?? :)

  3. Loved the pool pic, he looks so chill. And I agree that Mommas always know when something isn't right. Good for you for breastfeeding!

  4. Enjoyed our walk today! Eli sure is precious, long legs and all!!

  5. Yeah for mothers intuition! And don't let it get ya down on breastfeeding....speaking of too skinny- you sure don't look like someone with a 4 month old baby. love your Tennessee themed dress up