Sunday, August 1, 2010

Every. Darn. Time.

The Notebook came on t.v. this afternoon. Matthew said, "The Notebook again? You're going to cry." I told him I wasn't going to watch the end. Well. I watched the end. I cried.

This movie always makes me cry...always. My grandparents got married when my grandmother was 17 and my grandfather was 22. He went away to war and my grandmother stayed home with her three babies. She would get a letter every couple of months from where he was stationed, and worry for every single day in between. They were very in love and weathered all the marriage storms together.

About ten years or so ago, my grandfather started forgetting simple things, like what ice cream he went to the store to get. Soon, he couldn't remember important people and dates. Eventually, he couldn't remember my grandmother, his wife for the past 50+ years. She had to make the decision to place him in an assisted living/nursing home, and she visited him every day. She made him special desserts that he wasn't allowed to have, like fudge, and sneak it into his room. She brought him blankets, sheets, and pictures from home so he would be more comfortable. She ironed his shirts so he would always look nice. She would sit and chat and hold his hand and tell him she loved him.

A couple years ago, my grandfather passed away. Alztheimer's began his end, and it just eventually took over  his body. Watching this movie makes me think of my sweet grandparents and their love for one another. I hope Matthew and I love like this until we are old and gray, and even if we can't remember each other's names, I hope we stay by each other's side.

Me, my grandmother Jane McCormick, and my niece Jane Ritchie.


  1. Aww, I love that, Jane! Made me cry. I AM a cry baby but that was a sweet little story. Thanks for sharing!