Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birds and babies.

Good Morning! I've been up with the sun this morning...but I wasn't alone. My sick hornet was with me, crying his head off. We're a little sickly over here--well, a lot sickly, and aren't sleeping much. This is sickness number three for the little man. Sometimes I feel that if there's a virus around, he'll find it for sure. Then he'll make sure he gives that virus-infected person lots of sweet kisses and bring it home to us. :)
Anyway, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I thought I would tell y'all about a shower we threw for a sweet friend the other weekend.
Brett and I went to high school together, and he and my husband were good friends. Brett started dating Missy, and we all became fast friends. She is one of the most thoughtful, generous people that I know. Throwing her a little shower was just a small thing to repay her for all her kindness and friendship over the past five years.

We had the shower at my friend Jessie's house, which is a little further out of town, but GORGEOUS, and quite perfect for hosting showers. She made this little bird tree and everyone wrote well-wishes to baby Ellie on it. Maybe Missy will save them and read them to Ellie when she gets older. She can see how well-loved and prayed for she was before she ever even got here.

I got the cake from a lady who bakes on the side of being a stay at home mommy. It was strawberry with cream cheese icing, and was delicious. I need to start practicing my own cakes for a certain one year old's birthday party coming up.
 i love a clothesline at a shower. All those precious little clothes with feet and hats...so cute. If I ever have a girl, just take away my debit card, because there is no end to cute girl clothes. Cute boy clothes are much harder to find.
Here's the couple. She probably doesn't like this picture of herself, but she looks great of course. I put it in black and white so she wouldn't tell me how pale she thinks she looks. :) (missy, you look beautiful!)
I think everyone feels not as cute as they could when they are pregnant, but from the outside, everyone else is seeing how adorable they look with that beautiful belly. How can you not think of God when looking at a pregnant mama? There is a life in there! Someone remind me of this for baby number 2. :)

I planned on telling y'all about my Valentine's day, but that will be for another day. I'm pooped from writing this much. While the stinker sleeps, I'm off to pop some more advil and medicine, and rest my head!


  1. JANE! This post just made me cry! You are so sweet and I am SOOO lucky to have you as a friend!! I hope you guys get to feeling better soon and just keep thinking, only a few months until we are on the beach!! Love and miss you!!!!

  2. Love the decor! And you are so right about a little girl and the debit card. It is NOT pretty.

  3. Wish I had your creativity! What are you doing for E's party? Bet it'll be darling...hope y'all are better over there.