Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What a Tease.

Here in the South we occasionally have a teaser. It will be the middle of January when the leaves have all dropped, the ground has frozen, the flowers have withered away, and the high is freezing 30 degrees. The next thing you know, we'll have one glorious wonderful day where the sun's shining, birds are chirping, and it's WARM. I'm talking, like 60 degrees warm. This, I call, a big fat teaser.

I've told y'all before how I am a huge sun lover. I truly don't like winter, and could do without it. I don't need cold weather to really appreciate the warm weather. I could move to a place like San Diego and have this weather everyday and love and appreciate it. We had our teaser this past Friday, and it was glorious.
As soon as the high hit 60, I grabbed a blanket, my camera, and my baby and ran out to the backyard. I let the dogs out with us, and we all got a good bit of fresh air.

This barracuda had a hard time looking at the camera, as he was mesmerized with our dogs. Mesmerized. Couldn't take his eyes off of them. I think they might be best friends one day.

While he ignored me and watched the pups, I played with my camera. Focus on the baby.

Here I focused on the dogs, see? I said, "Focus on the dogs, Camera!" And it did. Now my wild barracuda is the blurry one. Wanna meet these mesmerizing, amazing dogs?

Huckleberry Finn Bills..We call him Huck around here. :) He's a wild one, and I threaten to get rid of him about once a week.

Daniel Boonedock Bills, or "Boone" to some. :) He's pretty perfect, unlike his wild brother. He has a kissing problem, but we're working on that.

 Here's the stinker again, gazing off into the distance so I can take a good profile shot. Those dogs were good for something, I guess.

Please ignore the lack of landscaping, sprinkler, and target bag in my backyard. It's a work in progress. Focus on that cute baby instead. He's talking to you here.

He's learned how to clap when anything makes him happy or excited. Pretty please pretend that camera bag isn't right behind him. It makes me cringe that I didn't get it out of this picture.

So, there you have it. Our teaser of a spring day. I needed it. The baby needed it. The dogs did too. Now we're back to 30 degree weather...woe is me. :) I'm ready to get out of this house and enjoy the outdoors. Bring on Spring!

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