Monday, February 21, 2011

You've Been Warned.

The pictures that are below will make you want babies...and lots of them. You've been warned.
                                                                       Oh those lips.
                                                                           Looks like her big sister Olivia.
                                                                               That little nose.
                                                                                    Tiny feet.
                                                                                    Clenched fists.
                                                                               Baby yawns.
                                                                             They yawn a lot.
                                                                        Me with the proud mama of two.

I had to go to Nashville for that baby shower a few weekends ago, and it just so worked out that one of my best friends had her precious baby girl that very Friday morning. I was so excited to be there to see sweet Ava when she was just one day old. Corinne amazed me by actually being dressed, showered, and not in a zombie like state after just one day of giving birth. After my c-section, I could hardly get out of the hospital bed, let alone put on real clothes and look put together. Corinne is seriously super mom. We became best friends at 16, stayed close through college, were in eachother's weddings, and now...are having babies together. It really is such a sweet moment in our lives right now as all of our friends we grew up with are raising babies or pregnant. Corinne is the brave one to have two babies, and we all get to watch her and get good advice for when we do the same. :) And after looking at these pictures again of Ava, my uterus aches and I need to rock my baby. :)

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  1. AKKKKK! Love them all! Thanks for the love Janie :) So glad you guys got to meet her that day. Come back soon!