Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Father's Day Twice?

I already did my Father's Day post, but I didn't upload any of the pictures from then until today. Call me super busy lazy. We had a nice relaxing first Father's Day. Eli and I woke up the big daddy-o super early to give him his card and gift before church. Eli wrote his daddy a sweet poem and gave him an awesome gift...a new pair of sunglasses. This daddy/fisherman has been wanting a new pair of shades for a few years now, but I have always been too cheap to buy them for him. Then came Eli.
Eli convinced me that his daddy deserved these sunglasses b/c not only did he clean and cook for the 24 weeks I was sick and pregnant, but he also took care of me the 2 weeks I was recovering from my c-section. Not only that, but he's a pretty darn good new daddy. He even volunteers to change diapers.
Well daddy-o was very surprised and excited about his glasses, but had to wait in anticipation before they could arrive in the mail later that week. We let him choose where to eat, and he picked BBQ since I NEVER want to eat bbq...yuck. Aunt Leah and Uncle Luke joined us for lunch, and we headed home for a nap and photo shoot in our front yard.

Eli was wiped out b/c church always starts during is morning nap time, and he usually doesn't get his nap in until that afternoon. He's done with pictures here. Look at those fat baby lips.

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