Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Happy Daddy and Snake Handler

Matthew has been excited about getting Eli's social security card in the mail for weeks...why, you ask?
Because that little number was necessary for getting this: Eli's Lifetime Sportsman License. Yep, my little man can strap on some camo and hunt and fish all he wants for the rest of his life, which makes one happy daddy.

This baby, however, isn't quite as excited yet. I'm sure he'll be more pumped when he can actually hold onto things with two hands for longer than 10 minutes.

In other news,
my hubby is also a snake handler extraordinaire. Did you know? We have been doing some landscaping in our backyard lately. We've planted plants and are growing grass in the dirt areas our dogs have played in ruined. To try and actually keep our plants and new grass, we've staked it all off with some fencing. The other day, after a fishing excursion with his little brother, Matth was out back with the dogs and came across this guy trapped in our fencing.
My reaction? Kill him. I know, not the nicest thing to do, but I can't stand snakes...not even tiny little harmless garden snakes. After telling me how beneficial they are to gardens and what-not, we decided to let him live. These two brave men assured me over and over again that he was not a poisonous fella, (something about his eyes and tongue). Then they cut him loose.

He was probably about 3 1/2 feet long or so...and black, with a shaking tail, and smelly.
This is the look I get when I ask for another smiling picture of him and the snake. Thanks, hubby. We threw that big nasty fella over the fence so he could go and bother someone else's yard. The dogs are in a much better  place without that snake rattling away at them.


  1. eli is getting so big! miles is sleeping so well lately! (knock on wood) for weeks now he sleeps from 7pm to 5am ish but thats only because i go in there and wake him up to feed him cause im about to bust :) then he sleeps till about 8am!! hows eli sleeping?