Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Year Ago Today...

Last summer, I had three wonderful weddings to a row. First, my childhood best friend Elizabeth. Second, my other childhood best friend Christa. Third, my sister-in-law AND friend Leah. During Christa's wedding bonanza, I started feeling a little nauseous. duh duh duhm.

My friend and all-knowing momma Corinne said, "You're pregnant." I wasn't so sure. I went through the rest of the wedding feeling kind of sea sick and wondering what my problem was. Her reception was a blast, overlooking the city of Nashville, and as all my friends were dancing the night away, I sat a few out and tried not to vomit.

That week, back at home, I was waiting for the good ole' cramps to start...they were supposed to. I had already taken a test about once a month for the past four months in anticipation of becoming pregnant, and I was disappointed every time. This time, I made myself wait until the morning I was supposed to see something happen, and when it never did, I decided I would go buy a couple tests and wait a week to take them. Once I got home, I waited all of ...oh, one night. I woke up early the next morning to the sounds of my husband getting in the shower for work. As soon as my sleepy eyes cracked open, those tests were the first thing I thought of.

I crept off to the guest bathroom, and carefully unwrapped one test. I re-read the instructions, although I had done this multiple times before. I wanted to be sure I was doing it absolutely correct; I didn't want to leave any room for error. (How hard is it to pee on a stick?!!) I sat in the bathroom and waited the five minutes, which felt like thirty. Slowly, but surely, one thick pink line appeared. Tears formed in my eyes as I began to feel the familiar frustration I had felt every month beforehand. I turned my head and told myself, "God will let it happen when He's ready and when He knows we're ready..." and I glanced at the stick one more time....and again, and again. There it was--a faint pink line standing next to the other thick line. WAIT--2 PINK LINES??!!

I read the instructions AGAIN. Two lines means...but it's faint, does that mean...what DOES that mean? I think....that means...I'm pregnant.

My heart was racing, and a smile was plastered on my face. I went into our master bathroom, and said in my "everything's perfectly normal" voice, "Good Morning Babe." He asked if I was still feeling sick, and I told him yes. He asked if I had taken a test yet. I waited. Then I told him no. He asked when I was going to take one. Then I said: "Just kidding, I just took one." He waited. I waited. "And?" He asked. "And...we're having a baby!!"

With a look of disbelief and complete bafflement (probably not a real word), He jumped out of the shower and gave me a huge hug and kiss..."Really? Are you sure?" Two lines?" We were both still dazed by the news, but so very excited about the idea that our dreams of becoming parents had just become a HUGE reality. We didn't even know that it was our sweet Eli Matthew in my belly, but there was a baby in there, just waiting to call us Mommy and Daddy, and we were waiting to call him son.

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  1. What a great day for you! And here he is, beautiful and healthy. So happy for y'all, Jane!