Monday, December 13, 2010

Eight (and a 1/2) Months.

I'm a little late with this post, mainly because I wanted to wait until this little wild man was all better before attempting a photo shoot. I learned quickly that crawling = poor pictures. It's hard to aim at a moving target. He kept trying to throw himself off the couch during these!

At 8 months, Eli:

-is sporting two bottom teeth, and the two top ones are coming in as we speak.
-is crawling at super lightening speeds all over the house.
-loves anything he's not supposed to have: cords, phones, strings, etc.
-is pulling up on anything. He loves to let go and see if he can stand. He can't.
-got his first black eye. He let go, and fell right on our sharp coffee table leg.
-is eating four 6 ounces bottles a day. Due to lots of circumstances, we've weaned Eli from his mama this month. He could care less; I'm still mourning.
-eats food three times a day. We've just added yogurt and meat to his diet!
-Says "dada" all the time, but doesn't quite relate it to Matthew.
-is throwing tantrums when he gets mad. We are now introducing the words, "No, Sir."
-He would like walk, but I am not encouraging this in ANY way! :)
-has been sick twice, a fever virus last month, and a croup virus last week. Poor sick baby.
-we're working on crying out this week. It's high time he learned to sleep through the night. I'm not sure who's crying more--me or him!

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