Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jolly Ole' Saint Nick, Jesus, and Traditions.

Why are we waiting an hour in line again?

Ohhhhh yeah...Santa!!

Wait a minute, this is Santa?!

Okay, mama...I think we're done here. Come and get me.

We couldn't get an actual smile out of Eli, but he did pretty well for his first time with that scary bearded stranger. We're getting excited for the festivities this week, starting with our church's candlelight service tomorrow night, and Eli's first Christmas with our family of three. We'll do the in-laws on Christmas Eve, my dad's side on Christmas morning, and mom's side on Christmas afternoon. We can't wait to spend time with family and start traditions with our first baby.

Some of our traditions this year include decorating the house, seeing Santa, going caroling for Fannie Battle Foundation, picking a special Christmas ornament to commemorate our year, writing a family letter to Daddy telling him our favorite things that happened this year, and most importantly of all, celebrating the birth of our Savior. What a special holiday!

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