Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dinners on the Fly.

We like to eat around here. We try to eat generally healthy. I believe in eating lots of fresh local food whenever possible, which is definitely harder in the winter. On most days, if you looked in my pantry, you would think we were always out of food. We're definitely not. I plan all my meals, try to shop on the perimeter of the grocery store, and we eat meals until they are all gone. Somehow this week, I planned two whole meals and spent 100 dollars. How in the world did that happen? I did have to buy lots of extra things this time, and we had friends over for dinner, but I was pretty disappointed when I saw how much I spent for two whole meals. So, we are eating out of our pantry this week. Whatever we have, I am coming up with meals for those items. Here's the plan:

Tonight: Making a big salad with a choice of leftovers- enchiladas, chicken tortilla soup, or baked chicken spaghetti

Sunday: Chicken pine nut fettucine (a family favorite-the one meal I did plan and shop for)

Monday: ham and red potato casserole (frozen ham from Thanksgiving and potatos needing to be eaten)

Tuesday: chicken and dumplings (leftover frozen chicken, homemade frozen broth, and flour)

Wednesday: breakfast (waffles, eggs, and bacon)

Thursday: venison chili (yes, deer meat. we have a ton that we need to eat, cans of beans and tomatoes, and spices)

I love cooking, but I don't love coming up with a meal plan. After searching my pantry and freezer, I feel better that I can plan almost a week of meals after spending so much money on nothing at the store! Hopefully, we'll have some leftovers from these meals we can also eat for a  few days after that!

I think everyone of you should do a weekly meal plan too, so I can then steal some dinner ideas from you! :)

here's my little man trying and hating rice cereal for the first time at 4 months.

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